Poll: Pi, from memory

To how many digits, from memory, do you know the value of pi? Please round down to the nearest number of digits.



I just decreed that pi = 3
so, I win.

I know it to 11 digits, not available on your poll.

  1. But a reasonable enough estimate for software can be had by dividing 22/7.

I see an ad for a shirt that says ∏mp. Perfect!

I know about 20 digits - learned it from my dad:
THREE point ONE four ONE five
NINE two SIX five THREE five
EIGHT nine SEVEN nine
THREE two three

It has a pretty good rhythm to it…

Sure it is.

Many, many digits of pie show up in the mouseover–despite your spoiler space.

I played fair and chose 8, anyway, --although it took me a lot of effort to count how many digits I know it to.

Make sure you write that as 22.0/7, or else you might not have quite enough precision…

Did you really expect me to list each possibility? Because that would have taken a really, really long time. Ahem:

You’re an eight. Admittedly, the selections are somewhat arbitrary.

Actually know eleven, voted eight.

I learned it like this. A high school math club rallying chant/rhyme (yeah the shame of it all).

It works if you sing the words and the numbers like a cheerleader chant.

Secant, tangent, cosine, sine 3.14159 (27). I remember the 27 part because some guy would always throw that in at the end to be a smart ass.

“How I need a drink. Alcoholic, of course after the heavy chapters involving quantum mechanics.”


Also know eleven and voted eight. I think that appropriately establishes my level of math-dork.

Isn’t the difference between 7 digits to the right of the decimal and 8 about a foot on a circle the size of the Earth’s orbit? Something like that. Somewhere. Maybe. I heard a guy say it once. In a bar.

Full disclosure: I know 9, and I’m really curious if anyone remembers them in a fashion similar to mine:

I can remember three of them: 3.14

15 follows 14: 3.1415

Add alternating digits from the end. 5+4=9, 1+1=2: 3.141592

Now start from the step prior to the last and add pairs: 5+1=6, 4+1=5: 3.14159265

Now give up, and look it up if you need more precision.

Oh, and the selections are the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence, with 21 rounded to 20, and 7 thrown in for kicks.

Fourteen digits, fifteen if you count the 3.

In addition to 22/7 an even better approximation of Pi is 355/113, which gives Pi to a greater precision than any material object has ever been machined. (If you had a perfect circle a meter in diameter, it would overestimate the circumference by ~266 nanometers.) Also interesting is that any ratio that’s a good approximation of Pi will give Pi to the same number of decimal points as the number of digits of the ratio numerals (Or is that a property of all irrational numbers?)



Everybody knows pie makes you fat and lazy.

My professor taught us “May I have a large container of coffee”

Prior to that time, I “only” knew 3.14159, from a rhyming cheer taught by my AP Calculus teacher

I doubt it :slight_smile: