March 14th - Happy Pi Day everyone!!

If someone has already started a Pi Day thread then please just delete this. (I did an SDMB search for this and the result was "the following words in your search were too short or too common - ‘pi’ and ‘day’ :smiley:

Yes, March 14th or 3/14 is the unofficial annual celebration of everyone’s favorite transcendental number.

As if that isn’t intellectual enough for you, it is also the birthday of Albert Einstein.

You know, Tau Day:slight_smile:

You are totally my 42 :slight_smile:

By coincidence I’m wearing this shirt today.

The only problem with Pi Day this year is it’s on a Monday, and we’re on a Tuesday-Saturday schedule at work. We were going to have it tomorrow, but people then decided they want it on the 16th.

And should any folks want to type the actual symbol π
hold down ALT and type 227 on the keypad and you’ll get


Changing the font size and font type (Times New Roman looks pretty good) also helps.

In 10 minutes and 265 milliseconds (in my timezone) it’s going to be 3/14 1:59.265!!! This calls for celebration.

Happy Birthday to me! :smiley:

Is this why it’s Pie week at my local pub?

I like pi. When come back bring digits of pi.

Pi Day? Grow up you guys. Stop being so irrational.

Ok. Here you go:


My one useless skill is that I have memorized the first 100 digits of pi (π). Lets just say it was a long LONG drive back home from a Tennessee.

Let’s all gather round in a circle…

Mmmmmm numerical pie!

Not only that, it is my wedding anniversary! First thing I said to my wife of 47 years this morning was “Happy Einstein’s birthday!”

Hari Seldon - not only is it the date of your wedding anniversary, it’s the birth date of a lot of famous people:

Les Brown - (his Band of Renown probably has other birth dates).
Hank Ketcham - Dennis the Menace Cartoonist
plus Quincy Jones, Michael Caine, and Billy Crystal

Unofficially we celebrate Pi Day on July 22nd (22/7)

Big sighs here. I’m a geek. Its well known that I’m a geek. I laugh myself silly over shaggy dog jokes, I work 42 into casual conversation, when I’m on hold I’ll often hand calculate Pi and will show how far I got as examples of long hold times “Look! 6 pages! SIX!!! I hate calling this company.” I also NEVER cook food to share at work.

For the 3rd 3.14 in a row, I baked a pie and took it to work. I’ll even say “Happy Pi Day” while offering it to my coworkers.

Nobody has ever gotten it :frowning:

Now see this is where you Americans get the month/day convention so wrong - the convention is day/month in much of the rest of the world. So pi day should be 31 April. I leave determining the rationality of that as an exercise for the reader.

Damn! I missed steak and a bj day again!

Also, white underpants day.

I gotta get an app or something.