Poll: Principal allows students to bring water guns to class- do you have a problem?

I’d make 'em do it outside on the playing field after lunch, but sure–sounds fun.

This is probably the best argument against it yet not one of the ones I’ve seen used in the message boards on the “controversy”.

I would assume that the kids are only allowed to fire at other “armed” students, also. So a kid could opt out by simply not carrying a water gun, or by putting his gun away when he’s had enough.

Mostly agree with this, but one quibble: The great thing about being an adult is that if you want a Water Gun Day, and you work hard at it, you can have one. There’s at least one major water gun fight in DC’s Dupont Circle every year. Also a pillow fight - I went to that this year, dressed in my interview suit and charging into the fray with a battle cry of “CAPITALISM!!!”

Adulthood rocks. If you think otherwise, you’re doing it wrong.

THIS SOUNDS 100% AWESOME. I am all for it, as a former student, current parent, and person who has actually taught in a high school.

Several thousand hyped up kids, not all of them well-mannered, constantly re-filling these water guns. Halls slick with water, ready for a fall. Kids going too far, running in the water, ganging up and not all of it kidding, deciding oh yeah well let’s fill this cup, bookbag, book, whatever with water to get even, bigger fun, yay, and then someone falls, someone goes too far, someone gets mad … all this for eight hours, and it will be “controlled” when there is what, one adult per twenty kids and “incidents” happen within seconds? Not to be a wet blanket, haha, but I think it’s an idea that sounds fun, but there is going to be trouble, guaranteed. I would love to hear how it goes though.

Oh. Well, nobody said that the children would not be well-mannered. In a non-well-mannered situation, that changes everything. It would be cats and dogs living together…mass hysteria!

Come on, really? This is going to be a great day to harass the shit out of the kids everyone already bullies. There won’t be enough teachers to keep an eye on who is armed vs who isn’t, so some poor kids are going to spend the whole damn day soaked and miserable. Super idea.

We did that on my last day of high school nearly 40 years ago. Some guys filled their water pistols with diluted perfume or aftershave (no shooting at the face for them). What a sweet smelling school it was for that one day only.

It would be a bad idea as a general policy. But I don’t see it as a problem for a special event on the last day. The potential for disaster with a bunch of water seems pretty minimal.

There’s always trouble in school.

As opposed to all the previous days when these students were bullied by non-water based methods?

But you know what that Billy Joe is like. He never listens to what his mother says.

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Are any of the objectors basing it on the basis that all guns or even toy guns are evil killing machines, not on the basis of bullying or wetting unwilling people?

Able to recall how well my bullies tormented the hell out of me on relaxed days when teachers were even less on guard than usual (which was bad enough) without weapons, and how miserable it was to be targeted for exceptional bombardment in a water fight I wasn’t even participating in, I’m opposed solely on behalf of the underdogs.

If this were my school, I’d be skipping the last day, no matter what anyone said.

What are they on weekends or after school hours?

Get real. Your question is bullshit.

Why? Because we let it happen. There’s no reason for it to happen except that we “expect” it to happen.

Yes, last days are more relaxed. But what’s the positive reason for water guns or anything not allowed the rest of the school year? I can’t think of any.

So? There’s always something going wrong somewhere. Should we allow it on one special day?

So we should have one day where we officially add one more method?

Bullies and parents of bullies are sure to be for it.

Sounds like this principal slipped by the committee that makes sure principals never use their brains. Mmmmm, brains.