Poll subject lines should say "Poll:" like they used to

The subject line for a poll used to automatically prepend “Poll” to the subject text, but that no longer happens. That makes it impossible to distinguish a poll thread from a regular thread without having to open the thread. Can this be changed so that they again say “Poll:” ?

The problem is that every post can turn a thread into a poll thread now. Polls are just a piece of a post not a defining feature of the entire thread like we were used to. Unless that gets addressed by moderator rule making, a purely tech fix would be

  • Problematic
  • Difficult
  • I just want pie

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You can always just type “Poll” in the subject line, along with the topic, when you create the thread. We can even come up with some cute, Dope-esque term to use instead of just “poll” to show how Doperiffic our polls are.

As long as we are voting on things, I vote that we just get rid of being able to post a poll at any point except in the beginning of a thread.

Oh, and all polls should be public.

Are ANY polls public now?

  • I want polls restricted
  • I love polls everyfuckingwhere
  • Poll dancing is fun
  • This is apolling

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This should be a public poll

Why remove features?

Well, the problem is, where was that poll? I want to see how people have voted, but, goddammit, it is in post 327 of a 1500 post thread. Or was it post 289? I cannot find the damn thing! The thread should have some kind of poll-hopping function so I can get to it easily again.

Why add features that I was perfectly happy doing without?

Oh, no.

No, NO, NO!

I want NAMES, not fucking AVATARS. And I am not mollified by the fact that I can click on an avatar and find out the name of the poster. Or mouseover it.

Because you’re not the only poster on the SDMB, and you can always choose not to use features you don’t like.

You’re in a small minority.

I prefer avatars because I can identify people quicker with them. There’s a reason why most sites on the internet use avatars - most people like them.

Is it possible to have a poll that allows for more than response, in a ‘tick all that apply’ style?

  • Cake
  • Pie
  • Pizza
  • Scones

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The name is right next to the avatar. :roll_eyes:

You’d think that would make a difference, but it never seems to

NM, five

People voting for pie – which do you want?

  • Apple
  • Mince
  • Peach
  • Steak & kidney
  • Lemon meringue
  • Chicken pot (emphasis on chicken)
  • Chicken pot (emphasis on pot)
  • Other

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Only if I mouseover it.

Then try a different theme. On Sam’s Simple, your name is right there.

Ah. Thanks.

Your poll is faulty, including both pizza and pie.