Poll: Test Poll


Blue. No, pink. Make it pink. Make it blue.

Answer: Answer


Grapes, duh.

Yes, you have no bananas.

IANAD, but that sounds serious.

Best go to the emergency room.

I was going to vote “chicken”, but I ended up going with “World War Two.”

I’m sure my reasons are obvious.

What? No “other” option? Pfffft.

I’m amazed at the low turnout for green. Is this a sea-change?

This post has been gra…

Oh Hell, I just don’t have the heart to do that.

Great thread title!

What? “Green” got the most votes (apart from “grapes” of course, for obvious reasons).
FTR, I voted “green”, though I’m not necessarily a firm believer.

Also, this poll was poorly conceived. “Green” should have been “yellow” and “grapes” pink.