poll test thing

Probably not gonna actually make the poll, just test it.

I, for one, was hoping for a poll.

I, for one, was hoping for a testy poll.

How can you test it if you don’t make it?

Sorry, you need to rephrase your question in the form of an “I, for one” statement.

I, for one, just used the preview. I wanted to make sure it could accommodate all my options, including some blank lines. And to see if I could drag and drop the poll options I had typed into Notepad++.

If you care, the actual poll is the one in Elections about ISideWith.com. It has 40 options and 4 dividers.

I, for one, regret having screwed the pooch.

Wow. Now that’s a poll. You realize that’ll bump up your poll tax come April, right?