Poll... wash hands before sex?

(1) do you wash your hands before having sex?

(2) do you consider washing ones hands before sex to be a “common courtesy” item that one would assume that one’s partner would do, even without asking?

It really depends on the situation. If its a spur of the moment, do it on the kitchen table moment, then no, probably not. But if its more of a pre-planned thing, then I won’t just wash my hands, I’ll take a quick shower.


If I’m in the backseat of a car, then no.

However, if I’m at home I try to at least brush my teeth, and wash my face & hands.

Oh my God! Have I been incredibly gauche by never even thinking about this. Have my lovers been faking orgasms from hand/blow jobs while secretly being horrified because I didn’t wash my hands?

Seriously, when passion strikes, I just go with it. I will admit to brushing my teeth first a time or two. I guess, if someone’s hands were really dirty it could be an issue. In that case, I would just tell them to wash up. Otherwise, I would think that someone was a tad obsessive if they couldn’t make love without both of us washing our hands.

1: NO
2: NO…by the time I am in the mood for the hands of said partner, I don’t give a fuck where they’ve been!

  1. Yes

  2. Yes

The exceptions to the above being if foreplay has included a shower, a swim, a spa etc.

Have you seen what lives under fingernails - nothing I particualrly want in my mouth, or my hoo-ha or up my ass.

Hmmm, definitely would have to say… if I have a moment to plan it, definitely wash hands… if I have more than a moment to plan it, a shower is certainly the go :wink:

But that having been said… if ya gotta bonk NOW ya gotta bonk NOWWWWWWWWWWWW and to hell with clean fingers LOL

Max :smiley:

Not usually, but I always wash them prior to returning to work.

I’m interested to know if there’s a breakdown between male and female with the answers here.

Why bother washing your hands before sex? After sex, probably more likely.

I certainly don’t think so.

In married life, and with the assorted SOs in the years before I met my wife, when passion struck, we simply went with it. About the only exception is if one partner really, really needed to visit the john first. But to interrupt the flow of things just to wash hands - nuts to that. :slight_smile:

Of course, I and the women I’ve been with have tended to keep ourselves fairly clean to begin with. For instance, if I blow my nose, I’ll go wash my hands the next time I’m on my feet, if I’m not already. And the same holds true for messier or more germ-laden activities.

Really thoughtful partners will also either wash their faces, or gargle, gender depending. :slight_smile:

It has never once occured to me. Truth be told, more to my embarrasment I suppose, I have had girls remind me to wash up afterwards, even in public places.

Clever Hans: Taking the neat out of Neat Freak.

Wash hands, brush teeth, shower, dress appropriately, eat a light meal, go to the store for extra candles and roses, drive by the hardware store for more rope and duct tape, make the bed, take out the trash, feed the cat, wash hands again, get a good night’s sleep. wake up and try to remember the mood.
How am I supposed to be spontaneous if I have to wash beforehand every time?

I think it is important for men to wash their hands first because of the bacteria on their hands and the um, closeness of contact with um, well I think you get the picture.

      • What “bacteria on men’s hands”? What’s on mens’ hands that isn’t on womens"? -And what the hell are you people using your hands for anyway, besides holding on? - DougC

I absolutely make sure my hands are clean before …uh… internal use. The hygiene aspects are obvious.

Besides, it’s a simple matter of respect.

Southern Gentleman,

not if it’s the spur of the moment, but before i go to bed, i make a stop in the bathroom to freshen up a bit, so i guess my hands are usually washed, but not becuase i make it a point to do so

It simply never occurred to me.

I like to wash my whole body before sex if possible. And after. Sometimes during. But often that’s not practical or a bit contrary to the moment. Like on those long transoceanic flights, or during those long walks on the beach.