Poll: Where Does Your Laundry Go

This is a random curiousity thing, not an argument settler. I’m a slob by nature, and I’m trying to get a baseline for how most folks handle their dirty laundry in the short term–assuming that a hamper is involved somehow. So, dopers, when you disrobe after a hard day of living, where do the dirties go?

Are they dirty dirty, or just been-worn-but-don’t-need-to-be-washed-yet? I have a lot of the later, as my life right now is very sedentary. Those that don’t need to be washed live on the end of my bed. (It’s a long bed, and I don’t need the foot for my feet.) I try not to let things pile up there too much, but…

Laundry that needs to be washed begins its life cycle in a laundry basket on the floor near the closet. Then the laundry basket overflows, and then stuff gets thrown in the general direction of the laundry basket, and when that’s no longer visible, in the general direction of the floor near the closet. We should really invest in a couple more laundry baskets, but that’s probably not going to happen.

When we can’t maintain aisles to walk through and get around the bed, it’s laundry day.

I’m so happy my SO and I share a similar comfort level with mess…my ex-husband and I didn’t, and it caused a huge strain in our marriage. And it worked both ways - he couldn’t relax because of my mess, so we’d fight about it and I’d clean it up, but then I couldn’t relax because it was too tidy, so we’d fight about that

In my closet in one of two laundry baskets. One for clothes to be washed at home, another for clothes going to the cleaners.

What sort of fear do you have about tidy spaces?

LOL–I’m in the same boat, though with the heat and my level of perspiration, dirty dirty happens real easy these days. Stuff that I’ve worn (mostly) inside for an hour doesn’t get washed, but it doesn’t get put away, either. Laundry limbo is a very real thing in my house.

Hampers? We don’t need no stinkin’ hampers.

The bottom of my closet is good enough for me.

Not a fear of a specific thing, but a generalized anxiety. I just don’t relax fully when in a place as clean as my ex wanted it. A little clutter feels “homey”; a too tidy home feels cold and sterile, and my body physically tenses up in response. Now, *too *much clutter is overwhelming and horrid, too. People vary on where exactly it is, but there’s a sweet spot of “ahhhhhhh” that everyone has. My SO and I have the same sweet spot, which is pretty awesome. :slight_smile:

I need multiple answers. My laundry goes first in the hamper in my bedroom, then when that’s full the hamper in the other room, then when that’s full the floor of the closet, then when that’s full the floor in front of the closet, then eventually almost anywhere. (I have a lot of clothes and just do a massive load of laundry every 3-4 months)

We have a weird floorplan in our condo. There is a walkthrough bathroom between two bedrooms (one operating as an office), with vanity areas and closets on either side of it. With my wife using the vanity and closet on one side and me using the ones on the other, the hamper resides in the bathroom, splitting the difference.

“Normal” dirt clothes go in basket in bedroom. Sweaty/wet clothes go straight to washing machine.

I have a hamper in my bedroom which is super old and worn, but I keep forgetting to look for a new one (or I can’t find a new one that I like) so it’s now duct-taped together!

Socks, skivvies and workout clothes go in there every day. Pants and shirts that get worn but not dirty get hung up on a clothes tree or put back in the closet. On laundry day I empty the clothes tree into the hamper and wash it all.

I use a hamper in the bathroom and the occupants of the other side of the house use a basket in the laundry room. That took some training.

SO and I each have our own bathrooms. We each have a basket for our clothes in our bathrooms. We each do our own laundry.

I empty my basket into cold water and wash everything together. She separates everything and does multiple loads. She often complains that my stuff looks too good, considering.

We have two laundry baskets (instead of a hamper) on the floor of our room by the vanity area. One for clothes and one for towels. My dirty clothes go straight into the hamper when I’m taking them off.

I use a hamper in our bedroom, and my DH uses another hamper in our bedroom. That adds up to two hampers of course. He washes his stuff and I wash my stuff. We both deal with mutual stuff like towels, sheets, and that sort of stuff.

If one of us gets sick, the other one deals with all the laundry. It works for us. And we do try to keep up with it all so the hampers never get to over-flowing.

I would definitely find a new bedroom, based upon the condition you say yours is in.

I also use two plastic baskets instead of a hamper, but I don’t sort out the towels. The main basket is on the top shelf of a set of shelves in the corner of my bedroom. Occasionally I’ll be really tired when I go to bed, and the clothes will hit the floor instead of being lofted into the basket. That usually gets fixed in the morning.

Hamper in the bathroom. Growing up we had a laundry chute that went from the hallway between bedrooms down to the laundry room. I always wished I was small enough to go down it.

Hamper in the bedroom, clothes that aren’t dirty enough to wash get sniffed and hung back up. My husband piles his worn-but-not-dirty clothes on the bedroom floor - that doesn’t thrill me, but I’ve learned to live with it. I do probably two loads of laundry a week, and then a towel or sheet load every two weeks or so.

You need to get out of my house and stop telling on me this way.

The only real difference in my house is that we each do our own laundry so we have individual laundry baskets and floor areas to cover. Also we need the entire bed (see: Dogs, sleeping) so still wearable clothes hang over the rungs on a 4’ ladder style shelf that I have in the bedroom for this purpose.