Who puts away the laundry when a mixed load is clean?

By that, I mean laundry belonging to more than one person.

In our house, the 13 year old is responsible for folding kids’ laundry, and putting her younger sisters’ laundry on their beds. The individual owners actually put it away. Adults’ laundry gets put in a separate basket, and either me or my wife will fold & put it away.

We tried having the kids all separate & fold their own stuff, either sequentially or together, but a mutual agreement was reached that making it one person’s responsibility was much better.

I do mine. She does hers. Wouldn’t want it any other way!

I do mine, he does his. On the rare occasions there is a mixed load, I either empty the dryer and fold it all (he puts his own away) or, if he’s taken his stuff out of the dryer, he leaves my stuff on top and I take care of it.

We usually do folding together in front of the TV in the evenings. I’m blind, so my wife usually does the sorting :), and we each put our own clothes away. Whoever’s heading into the kitchen first puts away the kitchen linens; similarly for the towels and bedding that go in the upstairs linen closet.

There’s just my husband and I and we do laundry sort of opportunistically, as our work schedules are all over the place. Whoever happens to be doing the laundry that day puts everything away, his, hers or household. Otherwise it ends up wrinkled (if left in the dryer) or wrinkled and covered in cat hair (if left out anywhere else).

I do the laundry, fold it, and put it in baskets. My husband and kids put it all away.

My wife and I both do laundry. I do a lot more. All our clothes are separated by color and/or delicacy, rather than by who wears it.

Whoever does the laundry generally folds it and puts it away. That’s me about 70% of the time.

I can’t answer the poll. I fold and put away more, he hangs the clothes on the drying rack more. Not a rule or anything, but I just really hate putting stuff on the drying rack. TBH he hardly ever folds and puts away, and if he does he doesn’t do my stuff. It’s ok, he does the dishwasher every night because otherwise he thinks I do it wrong (which is ridiculous: he clearly does it wrong!)

Anyway, it works. There is always clean stuff in cupboards.

A house elf washes my clothes and stacks them, folded, on my bed. I put them way from there. Sometimes I see my wife walking around the house with folded clothes because, I assume, the house elf makes mistakes and puts the stacks in the wrong room sometimes.

In our household, it’s really a mix of the first three options. Each person is ultimately responsible for ensuring they have clean, laundered clothes. Even my 15 yo son has been in charge of his own laundry since he was 10 yrs old.

Sometimes we do mixed loads just because there isn’t enough for one person to do a load with just their stuff, or sometimes I will be looking for delicates or whites, or whatever. In that case, it’s a toss up between the launderer putting the laundry away, or leaving it for the individual to put it away. If it’s my son doing a mixed load, he generally leaves my folded clothes on my bed vs. putting stuff away in drawers. That’s fine with me.

With the exceptions of the really oddball special fabric loads, or fabric involved in one of her sewing projects, I do the washing and drying, hanging of closet stuff, and the placement of the rest in the drawers.

She does the folding, because I can’t do it worth a damn, and it’s the only way to get her to contribute.

All of this, regardless of his or hers clothes.

My wife takes the lead, as she is at home more. But there isn’t really a “launderer.” She might throw things in the washer, I remove and put in dryer later, or vice versa. If I need to throw things in the dryer, I might have to take things out and, if so, I’ll fold and either put away or leave out for her to put away. Mostly, she is responsible for putting her stuff away, regardless of who folds, as I’m not up to speed on her closet preferences. We get along pretty well with no system.

In theory, the teenagers wash, dry, fold, and put away their own laundry, and I wash and dry everything else, and my husband and I split up the hanging, folding, and stowing. In practice, I do 90% + of the hanging, folding, and stowing. It’s a source of tension. Before we married, Mr. Matata helped once by washing my clothes, inadvertently ruining a wool sweater and The Good Bra. I asked him to refrain from washing MY clothes. He heard “don’t do laundry.” This isn’t such an issue when he’s working, since I have more time at home for chores, but folding and hanging are two of the few chores he is able to do since his wreck 14 months ago. Since I’ve become a full time nurse in addition to mom, housewife, and handyman, he could at least fold his own damned undies!

The kids are actually pretty good about their own clothes, except that both mostly forget that they don’t want to go naked all week, and want to cram three loads in the machine at bedtime on Sunday night.

With my ex wife and past GFs, they’ve always done the laundry. Mainly because, if I’m doing laundry, they don’t like the fact that once the clothes make it to the drier, that’s where it stays until I actually need something from it.

The launderer. That would be me.

I do all the laundry on the weekends. I actually really enjoy the process, getting it all done and folded and put away before the Sunday bedtime deadline. My husband does basically every other domestic task: I sont even remember how to load the dishwasher.

Spouse and I both do our own laundry. Communal stuff like towels gets done and folded by whoever gets to it.

It’s funny you should say this - I just got off the phone with my mom (totally unrelated to laundry) but we talked about something related - we were reminiscing about vacations we had taken when my brother and I were kids and this came up tangentially.

These vacations would tend to be week long or longer road trips to different places. The only thing my dad HAD to have in the itinerary was a palce in each spot for my mom to do laundry. She said doing laundry in different parts of the country was one of her favorite things. To this day, laundry is still her favorite “chore” and when she travels alone (now that my dad has died) she still looks forward to going new places and doing laundry.

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