POLL: Where would do rather be right now?

It’s raining like a motherfather here, but not enought to get rid of the snow. The sky has been gray for the last two months. It’s cold.

At this point i’m gonna haveta say that I’d rather be on a beach on Key West right now.

(realistically) Where would you rather be?

A beach in Key West? Is there such an animal? A beach in Aruba is more like it!

I’d like to be sitting outside the Lord Nelson pub in The Rocks, Sydney, eating an exotic pizza and knocking back a few beers before strolling back down to Circular Quay to get a night bus home. Sadly, I’m sitting in a freezing flat in London wondering how long it will be before the landlord fixes the central heating and dreading yet another week at work.

Lying on a blanket spread under a tree out in the park. I hate going alone, but maybe I’ll go anyway. Beats being here alone, right?

Really, I can’t say, since the rules state “Please do not post personal revelations or other information that may come back to haunt you.”


I’d settle for being at the kayak store with a K1 on the counter and 4K about to leave my bank account.

I’d rather be in Hawaii.

Lahaina to be exact, on the wonderful island of Maui sitting at Kimo’s Seafood restaurant.

Remember - this is “Realistically” I can’t afford a plave ticket to Aruba, but I can hop a short flight to the Keys :wink:

plaNe ticket. I have no idea what a plaVe is.

In bed. Right now I’m at work, and I’m bored and sleepy.

Yes, but I’ve been to Key West. Their beaches suck. Take a boat to the dry tortugas, 90 miles west of KW. Now those were lovely beaches!

Somewhere cold and snowy, maybe Minnesota or Wisconsin.


Out in deepest Leftfield

In Ithaca, NY, in a cafe with a bowl of coffee and a good book, maybe a friend or two.

Alternatively (and less realistically), in Jamaica, on the beach.

I didn’t see anything that implied realism (not a fan of anyway).

I want to be in Naples, Italy. I fell in love with the place and want to return. Beats the cold, gray, snowy/rainy crap we’re having for weather here.

:smack: , found the ‘realistically’ part, I refuse to be realistic.

I most want to be back in my own damn house. It’s to be inspected tomorrow, after being burned on December 11th. IF it passes (which please o god please please please let it pass!!) we’ll be out of this crackerbox of an apartment and back HOME.

There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home.

Really…there ain’t.

Disney World! Actually, I’m going there for the 7th time next month, but it’s not soon enough :wink:

How realistic do I have to be?

If “fairly reasonable but not strictly” is OK, then I’d rather be at the Renaissance Faire. But it would also have to be July, since it’s in Wisconsin, which brings that whole unrealistic thing back into play.

Realistically, I can’t go any damn where for awhile.

Anywhere, as long it was with my GF, who is now on the other side of the country.