Poll: Which way do you flush toilets?

I like to always flush with the lid down, as it prevents splash. Also, no issues with forgetting the seat is up and sitting down.

I flush with the lid down. The inside of the lid gets thick with the stuff that would otherwise be dispersed over my towels and toothbrush, and it’s disgusting! Almost impossible to get off the lid - takes elbow grease.

When I flush I leave the toilet as it was when I finished using it. I’ve never had a flush splash water on me before.

Ever since reading Uncle Cecil’s column, definitely lid down. I yell at my wife if she does it the other way.

Our office bathroom toilet doesn’t have a lid. hurk

When I lived alone the lid was always down when I wasn’t using the toilet. Now that I live with someone that doesn’t put the lid down, I’m inconsistent. At this point our bathroom gets covered in filth just from my SO’s flushes so there’s not much reason for me to bother. I did buy an electric toothbrush that has little compartments on the base for brush heads, though. It has a lid that I DO make sure stays closed.


By pulling the handle.

I don’t bother to put the lid down. I’ve never seen water splash and I’m usually sitting on it when I flush anyway, so how many horrible germs can really rise up from the water? The only time I put the lid down is if I’m blow drying my hair and resting the hair dryer on the lid.

I flush with the lid up just to spite my roommate.

He is crazy about flushing with the lid down and not getting any germies on himself or his stuff. But, since the lid is down, he has no idea that he really needed to flush a second time. Once a day, I get a glimpse of his “leftovers” when I use the bathroom after him.

So, I flush with the lid open and hope that my nasties make it up to his toothbrush somehow.

Lid up, seat down. Too lazy to bother with the lid unless I need to lower it to sit down to put on my socks or something.

Lid down. Why is the lid there, otherwise?

I make no changes to the configuration of the commode before executing the flush.

I would say that those who are worried about germs flying out of the toilet may wish to investigate counseling for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Numbers One: Leave as is.
Number Two: Flush with the lid down.

Did you read the column I linked to above?

Yes. Getting excited about germs from a toilet when it doesn’t seem to be a hazard to health is a bit over the top, in my view. It’s worth noting that the Great Master’s comments on food-borne illness doesn’t seem to make a connection between obvious risks in food preparation in the kitchen (poor surface hygiene, lack of hand-washing, using a knife to cut poultry then veggies, etc) and preparation of food near the toilet and its filth-spewing john.

Oh, wait, I’ve never prepared food in a bathroom.

Did you miss the part where it says that the toilet is, by far, not the most germy part of the house?

Anti-germophobe people aren’t in denial that germs exist, they just realize that the germs which are there aren’t a big deal. Our body does a plenty good job of fighting off most germs no problem.

What about the 3 shells?

Lid open. As a matter of fact, the only time our lid is closed is when someone has to take the top off the tank and sets it there to get at the works inside. Which has happened maybe once since we installed the toilet 5 years ago. Even when I clean behind the lid, I just lean it downward a bit and scrub under the hinges.

As an aside, I actually thought this thread was going to be about using your foot to flush public toilets. Which I never did (not wanting to spread the germs from the sole of my shoe to something people touch with their hands) until a co-worker blithely announced, “I’m a foot-flusher.” Then I thought about the germs on her shoes and all the other unannounced foot-flushers using the same work toilet. Now I’m conflicted – I can be part of the problem and join the foot-flushing brigade, or I can soldier on using an extra squirt of anti-bacterial hand soap after flushing with my hand. Or, I suppose, I could buy a big package of disposable surgical gloves. And yes, I do see the illogic in being afraid of public toilet germs on my hands while disregarding fecal bacteria flying onto my toothbrush in my home bathroom. [/aside]

Why do toilets have lids if you are not supposed to put it down when you flush.

When I was a kid, sharing a bathroom with an older sister, she literally beat into putting the seat down after i use it. i couldn’t figure out why she was unable to put it down herself. and why she always made a big deal about it. Well, it was then that I always put the seat and lid down. If I got to do the work, so should she.

I have kitties. I do not want them to swim in the terlet. One of them is a bit obsessed with the flushing process, and will dunk his paws in there if the lid’s not down.