Poll: Your feeling on T-shirt graphics

What kinds of graphics on t-shirts do you tend to buy?

What do you tend to avoid?

Do you feel that wearing a Nike or Tommy Hilfiger logo is akin to them charging you to be their walking billboard?

Also please consider t-shirts of your favorite bands at a concert or otherwise.

Would you wear a shirt with a saying on it?

What kind of saying?

In what cases or places would you wear or not wear a t-shirt?

My only T shirts with writing on them are a Pussy Snorkel one, a couple of No Fear ones and a crapload of Big Johnson’s. (My “I’m With Stupid” one seems to have disappeared shortly after marriage)

I’m comfortable wearing them anywhere but in interest of good form I don’t wear them to restaurants (fast food doesn’t count), weddings, funerals, work (I’m not allowed) and anytime the wife is with me and doesn’t have writing or food stains on her shirt.

I will wear a Nike or other logo shirt comfortably, but I don’t actively look for them. If polo shirts are on sale, for an amount I will pay, I don’t care if it’s a Nike whooosh, a lizard, a little guy on a horse, etc.

Nowadays I tend to buy/get t-shirts associated with some activity I’m doing. I’ve got a whole bunch of shirts from races (running), one from a sports league, and a couple from work. I prefer t-shirts without large graphics (tends to show wear more readily). I’d buy a band/concert shirt too if they weren’t so darned expensive. I haven’t recently bought and saying only t-shirts.

Back in the day I wore a fair amount of Nike and Umbro stuff. I didn’t feel that I was providing free advertising (I’m not that good looking), but that I was jumping onto their image bandwagon - saying ‘yes, I am the sort of person who wears Nike’ with the image of athletic types ‘Just Doing It’.

I wear a t-shirt most places (work, around home, most restaurants), and only wouldn’t wear a t-shirt to a place where it would be severely out of place (a wedding, a fancy restaurant, some clubs).

I won’t wear sports logo or team gear. Just seems stupid to me.

I have only one shirt with a corporate logo on. It’s a long-sleeve Patagonia that I got for $6 at their discount store. Good shirt, good price.

I have lots of shirts with sayings on them. Some are:

“Camp Can’t Feel My Legs. A special place for folks who are quite severely buggered up, i.e. those with spinal cord injuries, MS, MD, spina bifida, CP, post-polio, and amputations (except those who THINK they can feel their legs). Aw heck, them to.”

“I killed Kenny.”

Two shirts from the “Whitefish Can’t Jump One Fly Open” fishing tournament.

“Montana - At Least Our Cows Are Sane.”

“Whirling Disease Cures Californians”

One from Intake, Montana, Paddlefish Capitol of the World

Swan Bar Athletic Team

One that says, “The Dead Suck” with the dancing bear in a scope sight.

“You’re Not The Boss Of Me.”

“Bozeman Montana - A Tourist Runs Through It”

And many more.

The only one I ever wanted but would never wear simply said, “Against Abortion? Fuck You”

I avoid t-shirts that have their graphic/logo/whatever stretched right across my admittedly ample bosom. Espically if it says ‘GOT MILK?’ :rolleyes: Great placement, really. If I want to draw attention to that partiular body part, I’ll just wear my V-neck tank top. :smiley:

As for the kinds of logos/sayings: mostly it depends on what it is. And for where I would wear my t-shirt: it depends on what’s on it. I have no problems wearing my ‘Tech Dogs’ t-shirt to work: it’s topical to what I deal with, and as long as I’m presentable (read: dressed neatly, don’t scare off people, etc.), it doesn’t matter too much what I wear. But I wouldn’t wear my nearly paper thin, quite snug ‘Wake me when it’s Setemper’ shirt to work, or anywhere but in the house. If I managed to get a t-shirt that said: ‘Jesus paid for our sins, so let’s get our money’s worth!’, you’d bet I’d think twice about wearing it around where there’s a high concentration of fundamentalists. I do like my health, thank you very much.
Now for the corporate logos/etc… I do feel like I’m paying them to be a walking advertisement. However, if they make a product that I really like, it’s not something I mind that much.

<< If you can read this, thank a teacher. >>

I wear shirts that most people don’t understand, but when they do, they cross the room to talk to me. For instance:

Wallace and Gromit
Albacon '98 “Hamsters over Schenectady”
St. Louis Browns. (Next summer, I plan to wear it with my New York Americans hat.)
Rocky and Bullwinkle
The Scream
Marvin the Martian

One great shirt from AT&T:
Front: (Help is on the way)
Back: (Help is heading out the door)

I would love to find a Frog Hollow Day Camp shirt. :wink:

I’m not into logos. I might wear a t-shirt advertising a company that I really felt was positive. None immediately come to mind. I do have a Habitat for Humanity shirt.

I like t-shirts with interesting artwork. My wife got me one with a gargoyle on it. I got her one from a museum shop with a Korean dragon. And I’m a sucker for hand-painted or monoprinted t-shirts. I’ve bought some and made a few of my own.

I would wear a t shirt with a band name on it.

I would not wear a t shirt with a clothing company on it.

I would wear a t shirt with some kind of picture on it, it just depends on the t shirt.

I would never wear a plain color t shirt.

I tend to like plain shirts, but I do have a few babydoll tees with cartoon characters on them, one that says “See Me on the Internet” and another I designed to match my website.

Keeping in mind that I travel quite a bit, usually wear a top hat, long coat, and in the winter fingerless gloves and a scarf (I look like a little tramp with my bent-up umbrella) I get alot of people staring at me – esp in the airport. So I got a white and black ringer-t and in moderately sized iron-on letters spelled out “MADE YOU LOOK” for all those people that look away the second I notice they’re staring at me. Now they still pretend not to look, but end up laughing when they get within five feet of me and are close enough to read the shirt. Busted! :smiley:

I have nothing BUT plain one-color T-shirts. Haynes.

The only T I have otherwise is from the U2 “ZooTV” tour, but I don’t wear that anymore. It’ll be framed and hung on the wall.

I wouldn’t wear a familiar logo on my shirt, and I don’t think I would get one that reflects my particular tastes. I love Monty Python, but I wouldn’t wear one that portrayed one of their movies. But I would wear a more obscure shirt, if one existed (like Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil.”)

I used to wear shirts given to me by a Navy friend of mine that featured Hong Kong bars, including one called the Yellow Hand that had a big yellow hand on the front, pinky extended, with a long fingernail from it.

Since my wife’s gotten into sewing again big time, my favorite thing is to wear shirts she makes with fabric bought from a store. She just finished a cool one of the tops of New York city buildings at night that I’m just dying to wear. (One of the recognizable ones is the Chrysler Building).