Polls and the Electoral College

I was wondering if there were any sites or polls that indicated the US Presidental candidates chances in the Electoral College.

All I see are straight polls saying like “Clinton has 42%” which is fine but since we don’t elect the president via straight popular vote I thought it would be interesting to see what state a candidate could win and statistics like that.

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My favourite site that deals with US politics in an unbiased manner is electoral-vote.com. The site is currently updated around once a week but that will pick up once things get going.

The most recent polling data by state is here.

I love some of the descriptions of the candidates.

There aren’t a lot of state-level head-to-heads so its very hard to tell where candidates are in various states. I am not even sure that Real Clear Politics has the state-level general election polls posted, although I don’t go there enough to search around.

Here are a few that I found


New Hampshire, Rasmussen

Florida, Rasmussen

New Jersey, Quinnipiac

Ohio, Rasmussen

It’s too early. Come next spring, there will be many sites with polls by state and electoral projections out the wazoo. You don’t give the current polls any serious consideration, do you?