Polly Want a Cracker? (Vaccine passports)

Well, at least now I know never to use the phrase again. LOL

Thanks, Jr. Mod.

Carrot are also effective in the presence of sticks

Feel free to report my post if you think I’ve stepped out of bounds.

I agree that carrots and sticks both work. With the title (hey, do want this treat of a cracker?), and the first post talking about the incentives that Chicago is using, I figured this thread is about the carrots. I think that’s an interesting discussion, but the back and forth about the legality of mandates seems like it should be in another thread.

This is a fair point and I actually had to go back and look to make sure that I didn’t start it. I’m happy to say that I spoke to it only as a response to someone else whose name shall not be mentioned. :slight_smile:

Chill. Peace.