Mandatory vaccination

Do you think it’s coming? Do you think it’s necessary?

“Angela Merkel says no plans for mandatory vaccines in Germany”

She probably needs votes for anti-vax people for the elections in September '21.

France makes vaccines mandatory for all health workers in France:

I think mandatory vaccines are good. It will end the pandemic faster and prevent vaccine escaping mutations.

In the US? I think it’s necessary and not coming.

ETA: Certainly necessary for students and health workers.

I’m not a big fan of the idea of our federal or state governments forcing anyone to have a medical treatment.

OTOH, I would love to see some incentives and disincentives with teeth: No commercial flight without a vaccine, no on-site public school attendance without a vaccine, etc. Those are sensible public health measures involving areas where government already has authority.

So, no fluoride in the drinking water, or iodine in the table salt?

^ This.

I’d like to see it mandatory for everyone except those with actual medical reasons for not getting vaccinated.

But I’m not going to hold my breath. I don’t see that happening in the US.

This I could live with provided, of course, that those with actual medical reasons to avoid vaccination are allowed to do those things at their own risk - but only them. The rest of the crowd has to roll up a sleeve or stay home.

I’d be okay with adding the vaccine to drinking water. But somehow “you must go get this shot” seems more coercive.

That’s federally mandated? I didn’t realize.

Yes, there would have to be workable exceptions – which of course would create a cottage industry of unethical doctors selling vaccine exemptions.

Oh, I thought of another good one – the DMV. Want your license renewed? Get vaxxed.

I don’t see it coming in the UK, but will be introduces by the back door.

it is already not possible to go to some venues without proof of two jabs. I am shortly going on a cruise and have to prove I am immunised. Travel abroad will likely be impossible without being vaccinated.

Anti-vaxers will eventually find that their lives are restricted so much that most will give in.

I would rather see some incentives like tax, say, rebates on state, local, and fed taxes for providing proof of vaccinations.

Some anti-vaxxers are so narrow-minded and provincial they don’t want to travel. Sometimes, the worst restrictions are self-imposed.

Iodine in salt is not mandated. One can buy salt without iodine in pretty much every grocery store. I once bought a canister by mistake.

I’d like to see mandatory vaccination, not just because it will cure the pandemic a lot more effectively but also because it will make some anti-governmenters go berserk.

Don’t make it mandatory, but deny passports to those who refuse the vax, refuse their kids entry to public schools and childcare, refuse to treat them f2f at health centres or pharmacies, there’s lots of ways to incentivize getting a bloody jab.

They may not travel by plane, but you can bet that they sure love their truck.

Problem solved.!

Unfortunately, it will never happen.
Obviously Americans will never agree to “give up their freedom”, just like they won’t give up their guns. But I’m surprised that other western countries face the same stupidity.

To me, It’s a simple issue of public safety–if you endanger other people, you aren’t allowed out in public.
When I become king of the world, I’m gonna enforce it, too. :slight_smile: .

But it should be possible for some democratic countries, somewhere, to use logic. Pass a law that if you aren’t vaccinated, you aren’t allowed into any public buildings.
"You want to renew your license?—stand outside here in the train. Wait till we send a guy in a hazmat suit to take your form. Oh, sorry, the guy in the hazmat suit is busy, he’ll be here in about 5 hours, please wait. "

I meant to type “stand out here in the RAIN”, (not in the train.)

Carry on. :slight_smile:

Exactly this. Yes, people should have the freedom to refuse the vaccine, but they should see that actions (or inactions) have consequences. If your motto is “screw what’s best for everyone else,” don’t expect everyone else to accommodate you.

New voting rights law: Can’t vote without being vaccinated!

No, I don’t really want this as I want everyone to vote, but it would fix many things short term.

I think it’s a great idea. However:

  1. It will never happen. It’s too controversial and politically hot.
  2. Practically speaking, it could never be enforced anyway.

I think there are a few places you can require proof of vaccine. Air travel is one of them. Concert and theatre venues is another I’d like to see (I think that’s in place for Broadway). Large sporting events. I think SOME restaurants can do it, but most probably would be driven out of business. My kid’s private college is requiring proof of vaccination.

I am itching to cruise - but I’m not getting on a cruise ship until they require proof of vaccination. I also really would like to go to Disney World. I’m not touching foot at Disney until they either require proof of vaccination or the case load is a tenth of what it is now. I don’t need to follow vacation with even a mild case of Covid - and those venues are too risky.

I don’t think the U.S. government - or any of Europe - is going to require mandatory vaccinations.

(And I think its a shame that we have become so selfish as a nation that we aren’t at 85%)

I’ve been watching the NBA finals – packed crowds in the arena and several thousand more outside. Less than 10% masked. I can’t imagine any practical way to screen fans for vaccination status, and it would be wildly optimistic to estimate even 75% of them are.

So, thousands of unvaccinated, unmasked fans, screaming at the top of their lungs in close quarters. What could go wrong?