Poltergeist (1982) question (unboxed spoilers)

So, they moved the headstones but not the bodies? Wouldn’t this have been discovered by them digging out the pool? Or even digging the foundation for all the houses, for that matter?

Yes, it took me 22 years for me realize this.

I don’t think the houses had basements - there’s a scene there Craig T. Nelson and his boss walk up a hill and look down on a new section about to be built and it’s all concrete slabs.
I dunno about the pool. You’re right; you think they’d find them when they started digging the pool.

I can’t believe I’m even answering this question. I hate that movie. That scene at the end with the clown doll scares the living shit out of me. I hate clowns! :eek:
And to make it worse, someone gave my daughter a doll just like it when she was really little, and she loved it. I hated that damn thing. It got “lost” when we moved.

Well, they were looking down upon the new area from a hill. It might be safe to suggest that the original cemat—cemeterr—burial thing was like the ones in my neighborhood: gentle, rolling slopes of peaceful green grass and not, as are many lots, 'dozed flat as a die in preparation for building.

Some residential areas do enjoy the rolling hills effect in my community but they’re generally custom-built upscale houses that are designed for the lot, not the cookie-cutter housing you see in the movie.

If they artificially 'dozed the area flat before building the area, some of the bodies might have been ten to fifteen feet below the surface under fill dirt, while others may have been scraped off the top to flatten the hills.

I can’t remember where this community was supposed to be, but perhaps the pools were all installed prior to the owners moving in?

But even if you’re building a house without a basement, you’ll dig a pretty deep foundation.

How far down do those slabs go? Also, they have to make trenches for pipes and such. But those trenches (and the slabs) may not go down 6 feet, I suppose.

I always thought that they craftily built around them but miscalculated the pool.

Cuesta Verde, in California. I don’t know if CV was the name of the town or just the subdivision.