Back in '39 my then girl friend [she still is and is sitting right here beside me as I type] and I spent a whole half-a-buck on a movie and ice cream cones as an evening out on the neighborhood.

The Movie was “Hawaii”----------and there was a phrase in the theme music which I would like some Kane or wahine to interpret for me

I believe it to be a welcome ,and an invitation,into ones home-------------But can anyone tell me EXACTLY what it means?

With the appropiate allowances for Haoli spelling it goes like this:

“Kome mai no kaua i ke hali melikahao”.

Can someone translate it for me-----before the old language disappears from the Islands completely?

And before I go all pupuli[?]



E komo mai no kaua i ke hale mele ka hao?

Welcome, you two, in to the house of music-making? :confused:

From an old[very] Pacific service Marine,

Mahalo nui loa from the main.