She loves me? She loves me not?

Like most people in Christendom, I got a box of those compressed sugar hearts for Valentine’s Day. Most of them were printed with the usual slogans: “I Love You”, “Kiss Me”, “Be Mine”, etc. A couple left me guessing though. One proclaimed “Ohana”, the other “Haudli”. Is this just bad proofreading, or do these words actually have some meaning? I thought they might be acronyms or something. (Yes, I’m fully aware that that mere suggestion will bring a barrage of WAGs.)

The cool thing is now that I have a digital camera, I can present the physical proof, so you can see I’m not just on a sugar high. See here.

Whoa… that’s weird! I noticed that the candy is made in New Orleans; possibly the words are Creole or something?
Ohana = family
Hauoli = happy, joyful

I love this board. Thanks Ice Wolf! I never would have guessed that they were Hawaiian words.

Now I’ve got a followup question. Is “hauoli” the same as the word that’s the Hawaiian equivalent of gringo? I’ve never seen this word spelled, but it’s pronounced “howley”. Are they calling us happy, joyful boys?

No, that one’s haole. And I don’t think they’re calling you happy or joyful:

From M-W:

Main Entry: hao·le
Pronunciation: 'hau-lE, -(")lA
Function: noun
Etymology: Hawaiian
Date: 1834
sometimes disparaging : one who is not descended from the aboriginal Polynesian inhabitants of Hawaii; especially : WHITE