Pomegranate juice recipe ideas?

I bought a big jar of pomegranate juice for a recipe (a truly killer Azerbaijani lamb marinade involving mint, black pepper, and garlic), and I’ve got about a quart of it left over. What can I do with it? I tried drinking it straight, but it really didn’t agree with my stomach. Recipes, anyone?

I don’t know, but if you thicken it up with lots of sugar, wouldn’t you have grenadine?

It make really awesome jelly. Recipe here:

We don’t use butter.

I mix my pomegranate juice with sparkling water so that it’s diluted enough to drink like pomegranate soda (maybe a 50/50 ratio?). Tastes great and doesn’t feel like it’s going to burn a hole in your stomach.

It mixes well in Tapioca pudding. It is great in a salad vinagrette. It also makes a great popscicle.

Am I missing something? Does plain pomegranate juice not taste very good? Is it too sweet? Bitter?

I’ve seen ads for that Pom drink which is supposed to be pure pomegranate juice and is supposedly really healthy for you. I’ve considered giving it a try. But now I’m skeptical.

I mix mine with vodka and serve it in a martini glass.

“She uses vaaaaseline”

To me, it tastes great, if rather tart - that’s not the issue. The issue was that the last time I tried drinking it straight, it came right back up 15 minutes later, and I don’t normally have a weak stomach.

Pomegranate juice upsets my stomach sometimes, too (though usually not). I recommend using it for jelly.

Pomegranate juice isn’t like most regular juices-- it’s oddly heavy and grainy, very strongly flavored, and I’m guessing highly acidic. I like the taste but I find I can enjoy it more if it’s diluted; my palate is not overwhelmed by the intensity and my stomach lining isn’t burned. I’d love to try making that jelly but I’m intimidated by the whole canning process.

You don’t have to can it–notice that the recipe that was linked to earlier in the thread said that if the jars don’t seal, refrigeration is necessary.

You can just pour the jam into jars, put lids on, let them cool down a bit, and then put them all in the refrigerator. It takes ages for jelly to go bad–and I promise, you’ll finish this jelly long before that time comes :slight_smile:

Don’t try making sorbet with it. Somehow it loses the acidic, tangy flavor, and ends up sickly-sweet.

Mr. S and I drink a 2-oz. shot of pom juice every day with breakfast. It’s not really a beverage per se – more like a treat or a nonalcoholic aperitif. Occasionally when we’re buying a bottle with the groceries, the cashier will ask if we want it kept out separate, as if it’s a soda that we’re going to drink on the way home. (Not at four bucks a pop!)

It’s definitely a strong flavor, but not unpleasant. I’ve never tried it diluted with soda, but that sounds yummy. I used to do the same with straight cranberry juice and ginger ale.

Pomegranate Coke isn’t half bad, either - kind of a grownup version of Cherry Coke. I figure the bad stuff in the Coke and the good stuff in the pomegranate juice cancel each other out.