Pontiac Solstice looks awesome! What do you think?


I rarely get heated up for “stuff,” but I want one of these! Damn cool-looking, and a GM car with rear-wheel drive, too. And it’s also pretty cheap!

(Nope, I’m not getting paid by GM, I just think this is a really cool car. If GM does more stuff like this, they might even pull their ass out of trouble.)

So, tell me your opinion of this car. Link to reviews and blogs. What’s the buzz? Thanks!

I don’t have an opinion, but I just had to point out that this thread immediately precedes the one titled “Ugliest Car Ever!” right now.

It’s a great looking car. And with 177HP in a 2860 lb car, it should be a pretty good performer, too. And if they ever stick a turbo in that little thing and put out 250 hp or so, it’ll be a rocket.

This being GM, however, they may find some way to screw it up. For example, by putting the numb electric steering fromt the G6 in it. Or giving it a lousy gearbox, or a too-soft suspension or something.

But if they tune it right so it feels like a real sports car, this thing’s going to sell like hotcakes in the warmer climes.

The prototype was built by an engineer at GM who spends his weekends converting Chevy Cavaliers to rear wheel drive race cars, and the guy was hand picked by Bob Lutz because of that to build the prototype. That leads me to believe it’ll be a great car.

I love the side, I love the back, I love the interior. I am not sure about the front end though.

It’ll either grow on me or grow on my nerves. Not sure which.


I noticed that the auto transmission is optional - isn’t that the wrong way round for the US market?

Normally yes, but this way is proper for a sports car or roadster.

Based on GM’s history, that leads me to believe that that this thing is built with old Cavalier parts.

And since when is a parking brake a ‘feature’?

I don’t imagine this car has much trunk space, but I think they made it less useful by having it open from the front. That’s going to be a pain when you are parked between two cars.

Solstice, opened up

Oh, and to answer the OP, I think it looks great.

I’m pretty firmly in the German import fan realm, but this thing really rocks. I suspect that it will be a lot of show and not much go, but much more of a fun convertable car than say a sebring convertable.

Kinda gives me an impression of the older Z3.

It’s always listed that way (except for a few strange cars that are auto-only), because it slices about $1000 off the price they can advertise.

Love it. Need to test drive asap.

It’s a great design inside and out but the engine leaves much to be desired. I’m also wondering if the suspension and brakes will live up to the design.

Yeah 4-cyn seems a little lite for this machine, but would a 6- be appropriate–overkill?

On the same tangent, and sorry for the semi-hijack, what does everybody think about the Pontiac G6? Coupe or Sedan?..thanks

The G6 is getting pretty mediocre reviews. I’ve heard that the steering is numb and it’s not as much fun to drive as, say a Mazda6.

As for the Solstice, the engine isn’t fantastic or anything, but it should be adequate. Remember, it’s only moving 2860 lbs. Giving it about 16 pounds per horsepower. In contrast, the Ford Mustang is 3300 lbs and has 210 HP, for a just slightly lower 15.7 lbs/hp.

And it’s much faster than its main competitor, the Mazda MX-5 Miata. The Miata is 88 lbs heavier and only has 142 HP, or 20.76 lbs/hp.

I don’t get this bit. Autos cost more than manuals, and yet they outsell them by a large margin. It seems therefore, that US car buyers aren’t turned away by the higher price of an auto tranny, or rather, cost isn’t a factor for choosing an auto over a manual.

Even if showing a manual as standard allows a lower sticker price to be advertised, the fact that it’s always listed that way means that buyers know the lower price is for the manual version. They’d still compare the price of an auto against another auto, thus negating the exercise of masking the price.

If you ask me, it’s the only way for a sports car or roadster :slight_smile:

Even more awesome is Saturn’s version- the Sky.

It looks like a Vauxhall or an Opel. Anything but a Saturn.