Pool poll: do you use the Ladies' Aid?

I used to play pool all the time, and my friends and I never used the bridge (or the ladies’ aid, as we sexist high-school brutes used to call it.) It was seen as unsporting, weak, feminine, gay, communist, French, and ultimately akin to doing a “girl pushup.” Yes, we were brutes back in those days. I always used to groan when my dad or grandpa (both extremely experienced pool players) would shamelessly use the bridge without batting an eye. “The Ladies’ Aid? Come on!” Then they would kick my ass.

But anyway, I still don’t use it on the rare occasions that I play pool, because I like the challenge of trying to make a tricky shot without it.

So, among those here who play pool, do you use the bridge or not?

If I can’t reach the cue ball from where I need to stand whilst still keeping a foot on the floor, yes I’ll use it.

Seems we used to call it a sissy-stick

I opened this thread thinking that the “pool” was a swimming pool, and that a “ladies’ aid” was something to keep a tampon in while swimming.

I knew I was most likely wrong, but I just had to be sure…

I do, occasionally, if I just can’t reach in a dignified fashion. But then again, I’m a lady, and a rank amateur at pool.

There’s no shame in it. A lot of the bars around here seem to have put up the pool table as an afterthought. If my stick’s gonna hit the wall behind me, or knock someone off the bar stool, I’ll use the bridge. Doesn’t mean I’ll make the shot though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. I’ve never found the need to, and to be honest I’m not quite sure how it works.

Of course. And not because I’m a girl, but because I want to make my shots.

I’ve used it 1000’s of times, but I play on the bigger tables usually.Never had to use it on the 7 footers.

Amazingly enough, I taught myself to shoot left handed to get out of a lot of the shots you’d need a bridge for since many places don’t even have a bridge. But if I’m in a pool hall that has one and it’ll help me, I’ll use it.

Nope. But I can shoot both ways. Even on reg tables, not a prob. It’s all about the leave.

I’ve used it when I was younger and shorter, but not since I was 12 or so. I can shoot left-handed, or backwards, and I’ve found I don’t need it now. Yet I never knew it was considered a “girly” or “weak” thing. I wouldn’t look down on a player who did use it; I just shoot better without it.

I can shoot left handed,behind my back,one handed or with a broomstick…but using the bridge is generally the easiest and best shot choice there is when faced with one of those options. I don’t know why anyone would choose not to use it unless they think its for “sissies”.

Yes, but only if I can’t reach it by sitting on the edge of the table, or if I’ve already been yelled at to stay off the table. :slight_smile:

When shooting league pool, the bridge is acceptable and encouraged, but when playing pool with the boys for drinks, it’s considered a bit girly. We tolerate it, but will give you a little bit of friendly shit.

I don’t recall it being called anything other than a “bridge” back in the US, but I never was a big pool player there. I’ll play occasionally over here, but there’s no negative or sexist connotations attached to the bridge. Even at 6’ 3", I find I must use it occasionally. I mean, what’s the alternative? Climb up on top of the table or make a worthless shot?

<minor hijack> Is being a leftie an adantage for pool playing, then? I can shoot with my right hand need be, but more than 90% of the time I use my left. </hijack>

No it isn’t,but its not a disadvantage either.

Sometimes it was either use the bridge or lean over so far as to knock over other balls with my boobs :slight_smile:

We were brutes too so we would practice shooting whole games in the “behind the back” method.

Granted using the bridge is much better but behind-the-back looks a helluva lot more impressive.

Depends on your goals I guess…

The bitch stick? Oh hell no. And yes, I’m just out of my teens, why do you ask? :wink: