Poor Kid


Let’s all think twice today, before we complain about our own troubles. For this kid. :frowning:

Wow. That’s just terrible. Is she an extreme form of conjoined twins? So sad…

Yikes. Her future is gonna be tough, real tough.

Correction–she doesn’t have one. :frowning:

She’ll probably end up in a nunnery. Worse fates exist.

There’s a set of conjoined twins in the US who have one body and two heads. Their extra arm (vestigal) was removed. Last I saw, they were a happy, well-adjusted pair, running around as if one half of their body wasn’t managed by the other head (very good coordination). One of the girls wanted to grow up to be a dentist, the other a pilot. Seems pretty normal to me, for a set of 7 year-olds. Their future is limited, but not abysmal. Though the teen years will be hell, I’m sure. Being conjoined has its own issues. None of which I’d wish on anyone, of course.

I wonder if they’ll have two identies, or self-identify as one person with two sets of thougths?

Well, it seems to me, if you’ve got to be born with 4 eyes and 2 mouths, it’s better to be born into a culture which worships you as a goddess, rather than despises you as a freak.

Well, at least she isn’t blind . . .

Okay, so in the linked article the mom said she’s healthy, but have any medical professionals weighed in? Are there other congenital defects? Internal stuff okay?

I’m just thinking about the two-faced kitten that seemed perfectly healthy at first and then died suddenly at four days old. (Photo of kitten here) It had also been suckling with both mouths and seemed otherwise in good shape, then just stopped living.


That would be Abby and Brittany Hensel, who live in Minnesota. Googling their names will turn up plenty of links, and the Discovery channel occasionally runs a program about them that was filmed between their 11th and 12th birthday, IIRC. They are now about 13. If you ask them, they will most emphatically tell you that they do NOT have two heads, and they are two entirely different personalities.

Been thinking a little about this, and really, is it any of our business?
Patient confidentiality and privacy still apply, otherwise it’s all a bit PT Barnum.

Fine, poor kid, but it’s something for the family to deal with, and og knows if it was my kid, I wouldn’t want her to be speculated about by millions on the internet.

( I’m REALLY self-righteous sometimes. Sorry.)

According to this site, the unfortunate little girl has died.