Poor kitty thought she was getting a free meal.

This is a happy one!

Cat survives 30-day trip in shipping box

The kitty, named China, is doing just fine and looking for a new home.

Poor thing was probably sitting there thinking: “ok, here’s the container…where’s the food?”


Sounds like the cat survived on cardboard? Or at least tried. How on earth did it last that long without water, though? If I were nearby, I’d adopt it (though by now there’s probably a long list of names of potential adoptive parents!) I’m glad she seems ok, and I hope she finds a really good home!

Thats one of those rare things that happen that make you just think… wow. Just… wow. I’m so happy the cat will have a good home and caring owners after its ordeal.

If it’s that skinny, I guess it’s really called ‘Bone China’.