Poor kitty...

Yesterday, I took my doggies in for their annual poke, prod, and shots. Both are doing OK overall - Pixel needs to get her teeth cleaned and Bernie has a touch of arthritis in her hips. Pix will go back in June when the Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] is out of school and can take her so I don’t need to miss work for doggy dental. Bernie needs an aspirin morning and night for pain management. Considering Pix is 8 and Bernie’s 7, I think that’s pretty good.

So, after we were done and the kid took the doggies out to the dog walk area while I settled the bill, a young guy came in with a cat in a carrier. (I should mention, I use the Clay County Humane Society clinic - it’s low cost, non-profit, and I like the vets there.) Anyway, the guy had found the cat and he suspected it had rabies and needed to be put down. The no-kill shelter directed him to the Humane Society Clinic.

At first, I thought they were going to send him to Animal Control - the clinic is not equipped to handle abandoned animals. And while they were talking, the cat let out the most unearthly yowl I’d ever heard from an animal. It was drooling and obviously not well. Suddenly the tone of the vet and vet’s assistant changed. Then wanted the info from the guy about where he found the cat, did it contact his cats, did he need the carrier back right away… The sick cat yowled again - just as eerily as the first time. It was obvious that this poor animal was in a bad way.

They were going to have to put the cat down and check it for rabies. I expect to hear an alert in the next day or so about a rabies quarantine in the county. I’m glad my beasties have their shots up to date. I hope the critters in the woods behind the house stay clear of my yard - like the dogs would let anything get close. And I hope this was an isolated case.

Poor kitty - sick and scared and dying.

Keep your pets’ inoculations current.

Awww…poor thing. I’ll bet he was scared and mad to death.
Orange Park, huh? I grew up across the bridge in Mandarin until I was 13!
So-about this aspirin thing; my 7 year old doggie is also getting some arthritis. Are we talking actual , plain old aspirin here? Do you just pill Bernie, or wrap it in cheese or something?

Ah, Mandarin - land of the yuppies!!! :smiley:

The vet said ordinary, regular-strength aspirin, with food, morning and night. I’ve given it to her straight - I’m good at putting it down her throat - but the vet said giving it with food would be better for her stomach.

Is it? :smiley:
When I was there, back in the 80’s, there was not a whole lot going on. Our lot backed up to a huge tract of woods that I hear is now a Walmart.
I lived in a somewhat secluded area-on Scott Mill Rd-which runs parallel to San Jose Blvd next to the river . It seemed like such a wholesome place to grow up, and yes, the houses and land were very nice, but at the ripe old age of 30, my parents just recently told me about some of the goings-on there!
Apparently, our neighbor across the street , a doctor,was running a cocaine bidness out of his house and shipping it down the river! A lady down from us got kidnapped from her own home and was tied to a tree in the woods for days. The guy 2 doors down was a bank exec, and was arrested for embezzling and his home was seized by the IRS or something like that. The people who moved in next door to us, we’re all convinced, were in the witness relocation program. Totally paranoid, they were.
Not exactly Mayberry!
It’s amazing what your parents will tell you when they’ve decided you’re old enough to know what’s what!
Sorry to go on like that.
Thanks for the aspirin advice! I think I will have to start Bailey on that.