Pop-up ads on SDMB

OK! I give up!! How much will it cost to stop that constant barrage of Pop-ups that every 30 seconds or so come slamming onto my screen while trying to use the SDMB. Do I have to join something? Just tell me and I’ll do it!

I’ve got pop-ups blocked in IE8, but these come blasting past the blocker without even a seconds pause.

Help, PLEASE!!!

Don’t move your mouse over the top ad. The ads popped up for me when I’d move my mouse over the ad on the top of the page, which of course, I do to access the toolbars at the top of my browser. If you are really getting a barrage of pop ups, your PC is inficted with something.

I only get them on SDMB. Other sites either never or rarely.

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From what I’ve seen in other threads, you have malware on your system that is triggered by the ads.

Daylate, please follow the instructions in this thread:

If you still see pop-ups after following those instructions, please post back to this thread.


Thanks for the advice. I already have Avasti, and Spybot S&D. Downloaded Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware and ran both Spybot and A-M. We’ll see if that helps before using the nuclear option listed in the last post.

I have Firefox and Ad Block Plus. I don’t see no stinkin’ ads.

+1 Don’t forget Flashblock while you’re at it. And the EasyList subscription to AdBlockPlus takes care of EVERYTHING.