Popcorn Ceiling Coming down

I want to thank everyone who gave me advice and encouragement and tips. I would like to thank you individually, but at this point I am physically and emotionally exhausted. Let me just bring you all up to date.
1.I submitted a sample to an EPA certified asbestos testing lab today.
2.The assessor came in this week and took pictures and , looked in the attic for water damage and said it looked like it was just pulled down by gravity. There doesn’t appear to be any water damage or roof damage.
3. The crack isn’t widening or getting longer, but the drywall around it is sagging more.
4. I just contacted my handyman to come in on monday and put in some structural supports to hold off the collapse.
5. I bought some large heavy duty tarps to cover some furniture in the room in case the ceiling goes, and block the access to next room.
6. I suckered my neighbor to take an antique cabinet my father left me and told him the rule was he had to take the mid century liquor bottles too.
7 I unloaded a 12 place setting of white china with a half inch gold rim on a friend because She’s starting to have grandchildren and wants to ‘go fancy’ for thanksgiving some day.
8 Same thing for 8 place setting of wine, water, and liquer glasses to someone else.
9 I can’t tell how many trips there have been to Salvation Army
10 The sad emotional thing about this is everyone who left things to me (things I didn’t want) they’re all dead now. And after I took care of my mother’s estate I don’t want to leave things to my cousin (my ‘heir’) that become a burden.

  1. no word from the insurance Co.