Popcorn these shrimps for me, please.

I’ve got a pound of cleaned shrimp. The plan is to put them into slightly mixed eggs, a mixture of flour, cornstarch and spices and then oil. But I want different flavors in the flour mix. So far I’ve got Parmesan and basil and five spice. What else? Old Bay, maybe?

Along with any other flavorings, what other base recipes for popcorn shrimp are out there? Need answers fast if I’m doing it for tonight’s dinner but I do not have a problem saving good yums for future use.

Add a little cayenne pepper to the mix. Hot red chili flavor and shellfish go together wonderfully.

I’m doing shrimp for dinner, too. Costco had their shellfish booth set up and big fat prawns were a bargain. I’m going to panko-bread them and fry them. I have the cocktail sauce made up, and I’ll make some coleslaw to accompany them.

Shrimp for the win!

I like mine done in beer batter. Easy to do. You might try something a bit different in the flour/batter mix like cayenne for some zip or curry powder.

Yes! This is the point of the thread. To give me ideas on what to put in the flour mix. I think I’m gonna have two pans going. One with olive oil and one with coconut oil. 5 Five and curry in the coconut oil. Old Bay and the cheese and basil in the olive oil. Thanks guys.

Put a pinch of baking powder into whatever batter or dredging you put on them, and cook promptly. It adds a crispiness and and hint of lightness you just can’t get and will leave people surprised as to just what you did. As another surprise, use different spices in different batches – anything, cinnamon, ginger powder, whatever you have leftover from holiday dessert baking.

The Swedish Chef’s recipe for popcorn shrimp.

Off the top of my head, maybe:
A) lemon zest, cayenne, paprika and garlic
B) jerk sauce or spice
C) curry: clove, cardamom, turmeric, chili pepper, coriander
D) orange zest, ginger, garlic, coriander
E) old bay, herbes de Provence
F) Chinese five spice, Szechuan pepper
G) basil, lemongrass, mint, galanga, scallion

I misread this at first and was extremely confused how this would work, so for the benefit of anyone else who might also misread: That says baking powder, not baking soda. There is a difference, and it does matter.

Or add coconut.