Pope opposes Harry Potter. Are we surprised?


Sigh. Doesn’t he have more weighty matters to deal with?

No. The Catholic Church has solved all the major problems in the world, and now has ample time to concentrate on more trivial matters.

The Pope opposes Harry Potter.

Voldemort opposes Harry Potter.

So that means…

:eek: :eek:

I’d like to point out, according to the link in the OP, the opposition towards HP is not something that the former Cardinal Ratzinger penned after his ascension to the Papacy, rather was a series of letters he wrote before the death of the former pontiff, stating his disagreement with the views of the current Pontiff.

Still seems pretty silly, if you ask me, but it’s not a condemnation of HP by the pope.

The Pope eats the wafer.

The wafer is the body of Christ.

Christ is (or at least was) dead…

Dude! Catholicism is ritual cannibalism. This ain’t news. :smiley:
(So says the Catholic.)

You’re right. It’s a technicality. But do you suppose that he’s changed his views now that he is the pope?

I doubt it. I’m not much of a fan of Ratzinger/Benedict to be honest.

But, it’s still very different from having the Pope’s office making pronouncements about the Evil that is Harry Potter, too, which is what the title of the thread seemed to imply, to me.

Actually, I’d probably agree with his impinions, and I like the books. *Harry Potter * is a world devoid of meaning. Religion merits not even a whisper, above empty spirituality. Even Rowling admits that the wizarding world is a soulless construct of power serving the elites.

I wouldn’t say it’s “devoid of meaning”. Magic in Potter’s world is an alternate science and technology. It’s not spiritual in nature at all, and says nothing for or against God and normal religions. We know that they are culturally Christian, but the books are largely secular. That doesn’t mean that it’s reduced to being “empty spirituality”, it just mean that religion is not the central theme of the books.

Frankly, I am surprised that the Pope has a problem with it. The books aren’t explictly about Christianity, but they are chock full of morals and values that Christians would approve of. There’s good and evil in the world, and sometimes hard choices have to be made. Hell, there’s even a Christ-like sacrifice.

Having read the linked article, I too think the thread title is misleading. It’s not “Pope opposes Harry Potter” but “Cardinal Ratzinger supports book critical of Harry Potter.” I don’t get the impression that Ratzinger ever actually read Harry Potter himself, or that he’s made any mention of it as Pope.

As for whether we’re surprised, I don’t know enough about Ratzinger yet to have anticipated what his opinion, if any, of Harry Potter might be.

If it was any other book, I’d say the publicity would help sales. :smiley:

Frankly, I don’t expect that anyone associated with church “management” would back the Potter books. Lessons and morals be damned, the books prop up the eternal enemy of the church; witches, warlocks and wizards. There are, no matter what you try to do, some people you can’t make happy, and the Catholic Church is principal among them. If you’re not following strict doctrine or dogma, you’re on an express train to hell.

I don’t like the Potter books myself, literary oatmeal IMHO, but anything that gets kids to read like that? I say the Pope can get bent.

I suppose the Dope also opposes Fiddler on the Roof, The Diary of Ann Frank and Schindler’s List, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Popes is opposing Harry Potter? Hmm… If this kid’s powerful enough to make the Pope oppose him, I’m siding with the kid. :smiley:

Yeah, I call him Popes. My man! Yeah. beats chest with fist Popes is the fly, yo.

Did John Paul II ever comment on Harry Potter?


Does anyone really care what the Pope thinks about anything?

I would think many many Catholics do. :wink:

I apologize, the thread title is a little misleading. Ratzinger did have problems with Harry Potter, but before he was Pope. I don’t think he’s come out either way since he’s been elected.