Pope Pimps Beer

Pop open a nice cold, popeski!

Not mentioned in that article is that the Pope has given his permission for them to use his likeness in advertising the stuff.

This is a surprise?

What German doesn’t like beer?

Pope Beer. Love it!

The Pope doing beer ads…

Nope, didn’t see that one coming.

When you open it, can they make it go “pope”?

Now in convienient pope-top can

What’s next…soda pope?
I’m sorry. That was just wrong.

Have it with crackers?



You know, I’ve always thought that crass commercialism was getting out of hand, but when the Pope starts doing endorsments, that really goes beyond the ale.

Next thing you know, they’ll be using beer for the sacrament.

Wow, the Pope is a cooler guy than I thought.

What. and lose the Korbel account?

In addition to beer, popes have, on occasion, made wine. The most famous being Pope Clement V. In addition to seeing off the Kight’s Templars, he relocated the papacy to Avignon and started making wine which became known as Chateauneuf du Pape.

And mackerel.

That’ll help reverse the trend of decreasing attendance.

Then you can make it part of other ceremonies:

Say three Hail Marys, three Our Fathers, and three shots of Oktoberfest.

In the name of the Lager, the Ale, and the rest of the spirits.

In the 19th century, Pope Leo XIII actually did endorse cocaine-laced Mariani wine, in a print ad featuring his likeness.

(The ad is down to near the bottom, near the words “Pope Leo XIII”)

German first, Pope second, eh?

“Less Secular!”

“Tastes Blessed!”

Germans losing their taste for beer

Though some might argue the German’s are losing their taste for their national beverage, think the main reason this “Stuttgart brewery had been struggling to sell its wheat beer” is cuz great weissbiers come from Bayern, not Baden-Wurttemberg.

New Pope. To be followed by Classic Pope, Diet Pope and Diet Lemon Pope.