Pope rants about gay marriage again


Once again, we see that the Catholic Church is headed by a bigot. Not to mention, a supposedly celibate man has no place making speeches on subjects like marriage. I also like this quote :

Yeah, because letting gays marry is the same as outlawing the marrage of straights.

I wish Pope Palpatine and his Bronze Age minions would all shut up and go live on an island somewhere, and stop trying to enforce the archaic laws of an evil and fictional God. Failing that, I wish the relatively sane Catholics would just leave the damned church and let him and his buddies rot. Not that it’ll happen; if molesting Catholic kids won’t drive away the Catholics, nothing will. The Catholic laity reminds me of the battered wife who won’t leave her abusive husband, no matter how brutal.

Pay closer attention. Church attendance is down, way down. They’re having trouble finding clergy. At least in much of the industrialized world, the Church is bleeding to death, slowly but surely. Takes awhile for something that big to die, ya know.

Erm, the pope is leader of an organised religion with a set of codes morals and rules which Catholics should adhere too, why in the world would/should he in his mind bring down those rules to appease certain sections of society he considers immoral?

Do you consider the same wishes for the Muslim religious leadership?

Am I the only one who’s getting fed up with this particular brainless attempt at a “gotcha”? Christians who hate gays are bigots. Muslims who hate gays are bigots. And posters who try to deflect any criticism of a Christian worshipper or Chistian institution by asking, “What if a Muslim did it?” are fucking morons.

Well, there is no centralised “Muslim religous leadership”, and even if there were, I’d imagine the OP would feel the same way, given that their views on homosexuality (and sexuality in general) are even less tolerant. But why would that be an issue?

Because those rules are bigoted. I don’t care if he thinks they come from God; that just means he worships a bigot.

First, they have nothing to do with this story. Second, I despise all religion; I just brought up the Pope and Catholicism because he shot off his mouth, and because Catholicism is powerful in Western culture.

Third, they were founded later; so I’d refer to “Mullah Whatshisname and his Iron Age minions” :smiley:

Because it’s fucking bigoted.

I respect the shit outta the love thy number, turn the other cheek, feed the hungry part of their faith, I’m perfectly happy telling the rest of my family to go fuck themselves re: religion, because it’s the height of hypocracy to preach that “love thy neighbor” shit and then effectivly condemn my neighbors (literally - Adam and Steve live in the next apartment) to second-class citizenship.

Fuck Ratzi, and fuck his ass-backwards Church.

To the extent that there is a “Muslim religious leadership,” you betcha.

New Pope highlights an interesting contradiction i’ve noticed in some anti-gay marriage folks.

So, gay marriage is wrong, because they don’t want the responsibilities associated with marriage, only the benefits. But gay marriage is also wrong, because they want to be able to raise children, a responsibility.

How can someone claim (and yes, i’m aware the third quote is not from New Pope) that gay marriage is a threat to traditions of family and responsibility and attack gay people for wanting the chance to raise a family? It’s a total logic disconnect.

What responses did you actually expect with this question? “We hate Catholicism, so we love Islam! It’s OK when THEY discriminate against gays!” and then you were gonna lay the smack-down on them, pointing out the subtle hypocrisy?

Seriously, what was your expectation here?

The last one redefined Catholic-Jewish relations by urging Catholics to stop thinking of Jews as potential Catholics. Popes can and should change church doctrine to be more tolerant and modern.

Is the Pope Catholic?

“supposedly celibate”?

While I don’t agree with the pope on this issue, I don’t think his celebacy is relevant. Would you rather hear from a married man, like James Dobson?

The astounding arrogance of the Church hierarchy is one of the many reasons I left the Church. Well, that and not believing there is a god. :wink:

While I don’t go so far as to despise religion, I definitely despise the religious who think it is their business to have secular laws enforcing their doctrine.

On average I’m going to trust a married person’s opinion on marriage more than an unmarried ones. A Catholic priest ( save some Episcopal converts IIRC ) is either going to be celibate ( and therefore ignorant of intimate relationships ) or a liar and hypocrite ( and therefore not to be trusted ). Either way, I give their opinions on marriage and sex and children zero credibility.

Being married or just having sex doesn’t make one a relationship guru, but it does give one an experience base with which to make judgements; I wouldn’t trust a Catholic priest’s advice on marriage any more than I would trust the average ten year olds.

There’s more to marriage than sex. Catholic priests may not have had experience with intimate relationships, but they might know something about reconciling problems with personal relationships, as they have friends, confidantes, etc. just like everyone else and in fact hear and see a lot of, well, intimate details of their followers that other people don’t.

I’m not actually a Christian, I’m inclined to the other religion I’ve asked about, but that’s a long story :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it’s fucking bigoted, doesn’t change shit in the real world bucko, but it’s a Church that’s 2000 years old, hence 2000 years of history to deal with. Sounds like some are thinking of an overnight change, won’t happen for shit. So let’s be all happy in the knowledge that not all Christians are like this.

A bigoted idea that has existed for 2,000 years and won’t change overnight is still a bigoted fucking idea.

Wow, the two things I hate to see the most in a religious debate and both of them are going on here:

  1. A religious person trying to use religious sources to convince a non-religious person to take a certain course of action: person A “Why should I do X?” …Person B “Cuz the Bible says so” … Person A " I don’t believe in the sanctity of the Bible" … Person B “Well, the Bible still says so.”

  2. People saying the church should become ‘modern’. See item 1 in reverse, for a person who does ‘believe’ there can be no greater example of the tail wagging the god.

If you believe in God you don’t have the luxury to say ‘well, I guess this is ok now since everyone is doing it’. If you believe in God you really don’t have the luxury of condemning others either. Those who try to shape the world via secular means to thier religion are just as lost in “faith” as those who try to shape thier religion to the world.

But are Atheists who hate Christains bigots? (probabally only if they accept Muslems as well)

Now one issue I see that you are ignoring Der Trihs is that you can disagree with one’s activities, and disagree with a expanded concept of marriage without hating the person doing it. And it seems like you are the one who is hating the person here due to someone’s views on activities, so who’s the bigot here?

And further you are the one wanting to restrict this groups freedom of speach

How is wishing someone would shut up restricting their freedom of speech? :confused:

Because the same people who constantly harp on the bigotedness of Christianity (by which they mean that they disagree with its tenets), much more rarely attack Islam. Check past Pit threads, and compile a list.