Popeye and Bluto...Gay?

See this ad for the details.

In brief, and to quote a description of the ad from the above site

The ad’s designer is playing coy (“I think it’s interesting if you can read it both ways. I guess it’s working on all kinds of levels,”) and Minute Maid OJ is denying it.

Still, I’ve seen the ad (there’s a link to a quicktime movie copy of the ad on the left side of the above linked page) and to me, there’s definitly a…subtext to the ad. And I thought it was pretty good, even if Bluto didn’t look quite right.

Whaddabout you? Sly gay innuendo or innocent fun?


Bluto may be gay… but Popeye is at least Bi (we all know he’s boning Olive Oyl every chance he gets).

Not that it’s any of our business… and not that there’s anything wrong with it. :smiley:

What’s Anita Bryant have to say about this?

Heh, thats the exact thing I thought the first time I saw this commercial. I mentioned it to all my friends and now we all laugh whenever we see it. Whether or not there was intent for the gay innuendo, its there and its blatant. Hilarious too.

What ever you want, friend. You might as well ask about Tarzan and Cheata, or what ever the chimp’s name was. Fiction or not, I’ve always wondered about those two. Just what is going on in that tree house?

I liked it! I thought it looked very good, much like the Popeye cartoon of old! The meaningful glances at the beach and at the tattoo parlor were blatantly partner-esque. Olive Oyl was never all that, anyhow.

I had the same reaction on seeing the commercial. Whether or not they intended it the commercial has a definite gay innuendo. Of course, everyone is sensitive to gay messages nowadays. Maybe they are just really good friends.

Another example of this phenomenon is in Casablanca between Rick and Inspector Reynaud. After it was pointed out to me it was really obvious that there was a homosexual subtext. (Even if this wasn’t intended by the makers of the movie.)
(I hope this isn’t a highjack

Rick… well, Rick is the sort of man who, if I were a woman - and I were not around - I should be in love with Rick.

Well…they ARE sailors. :smiley:

:ducks and runs for cover:

The Whale is Red: A Neo Marxist Interpretation of Moby Dick. :slight_smile: It seems to me that people see things that they want to see. Sometimes people see Jesus in tortillas or Mary in water stains on windows. My high school english teachers could find the holy trinity in almost every story, in the 50’s everyone was really a commie, and today everything is actually gay.

On the other hand they are sailors. I know i’m not the first to say it but any port in a storm.