Poppa Walton [Ralph Waite] has died.

Ralph Waite who played Poppa Walton has died.

Good Night Daddy.

Good night, Daddy.

Good Night, Daddy indeed.


Loved him as Gibbs dad in NCIS !

Memory is such a weird thing. He was 85, so it seems. When Will Geer died, he was 76. Geer looked 85 when the program started!

Has the character died already? If not, it will be addressed in the show without a doubt.

Oh, no! He was playing in the soap “Days of Our Lives” lately.

Oh, that’s sad. I grew up in a really dysfunctional family and I used watched shows like The Waltons almost as a tutorial as to what a functional family looked like. All my favorite shows and books as a kid featured strong, gentle, loving fathers.

RIP, you meant a lot to this little girl.

I’ll take “People who died in 2014 who I thought had already died” for $500 Alex, to finish off the board.

Aw, honey, I know exactly what you mean. :frowning:

Thanks. :frowning: It’s amazing how important those shows were.

Yeah, I was a pretty miserable elementary school kid when that show was on. The term ‘dysfunctional’ didn’t even come close to describing my parents. I envied the Waltons, and wondered why the old folks were always yammering about how bad the Depression sucked. I would have gladly traded places with them.

So who’s left now, just the kids? John-Boy must be in his sixties now. Is the mom still alive? I’ll have to go look that up.

We should start a club: Kids Raised by the John and Olivia Walton.

Mom is only 74 now and still very much alive. John-Boy is 62.

Ike died last year or the year before.

I think all the kids are still living. and Mama is still living.

Grandma had a stroke during the series and lived 20+ more years

Ike was the guy who owned the general store, right?

Yes, Ike was the store owner, and married Corabeth, the Harriet Oleson clone. (almost)

Ronnie Claire Edwards just turned 81 years old.

Yes. Joe Conley died last year at the age of 85.

You know, I barely remember the show, but one scene which has stuck in my mind all these years had John-Boy going into the general store and asking him if he could use the phone. Ike agreed, and John-Boy walked over to the wall phone and stared at it for a good ten to fifteen seconds. Ike glanced over and said something like “what’s the problem?” John-Boy turned to Ike and said in a visibly embarrassed tone “I don’t know how it works.”