Modern Family- 4/18/2012- The Last Walt

Not one of their best, but had some good lines.

Mitchell: Mervis is not a name, Mervis is a sound.
I’m calling you on cow beds.

Claire’s smiling when she told Luke Walt was dead.
And is it me or does Barry Corbin now look like Grandpa Jones?

I loved the two old dads together, especially how each perceived his son’s partner.

Manny cracks me up. Walks through the party, grabs a cup from a girl, sniffs it and says “not on my watch”.

Love the part when he was telling Gloria what the kids were doing at the party, and she thought for a minute and decided “No, that stuff’s OK. Now go have fun!”

Realistic too- two dads who want to be cool with their gay sons but they just have so many years of baggage to fight.

I could sympathize with Claire. I sometimes inappropriately nervously laugh when giving or getting bad news…I don’t mean to I swear!

OMG, I knew the voice was familiar, but I couldn’t place the face. Until I watched the credits. Not quite the guy I remember from “Northern Exposure.” :eek:

Yeah, I have a nervous laugh, too. Had to have it pointed out to me. Now I’m careful with how I’m perceived. :frowning:

Walt keeping the heat turned up so the Meals-on-Wheels lady would have to take off her coat before getting her hug is something my grandfather would have done.

I love that the little TV was set up next to the window with the binoculars.

I was concerned that the actor that plays Walt had died, but I checked it out at the IMDB, and apparently he is still with us :

Overall, it was a pretty funny episode. I think that my favorite part was Manny playing chaperone at Haley’s party!

Regarding Claire’s “Joker” grin, I actually thought it seemed like Claire was flirting with Luke during that scene.

Not that long ago the was a thread (don’t remember which) where someone mentioned a bunch of TV shows that had episode titles similar to celebrities that had just died. I’m not sure if this one came up, but since this got bumped it can be mentioned here that this episode aired on 4/18/12 and Levon Helm died on 5/26/12. Of course he was sick already so it may have been timed that way.

Gloria: “Yeah, all those things are fine!” One of them being begging girls to kiss each other — Woooo-hoooo!