Popup ad for TurboTax

I am seeing these today every time I go to the Straight Dope main page from another web site. They show up across the bottom of the screen. Since I am both a paid member and I have an ad blocker running, I do not understand why I am seeing these ads.

There are two ads that everybody sees. One is on the main Straight Dope page (not the forums), and the other is on the main SDMB forum page. You should only see them once per day. If you are seeing them more often than that, then you probably have some sort of cookie problem.

Since you are a paying member, you should not see any other ads. Non-paying guests will see ads on every forum page as well as on every thread page.

I would expect an ad blocker to completely get rid of the ads. I run an ad blocker and a script blocker and I don’t see any ads.

Neither do I. I don’t normally look at the main Straight Dope page, but I wandered over there out of curiosity, and no ads visible there or on the boards. I am a member and am using the current version of Adblock Plus.

I don’t usually see any ads either, and these have now stopped. They were persistent for maybe an hour or so.