Pork butt Western style ribs! (Now what?)

Other than throwing pre-cooked ribs on the grill, I don’t have any experience with ribs at all. I like barbeque that’s cooked until it’s glazey, and I have a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s.
If someone could give me the simplest recipe out there, I’m in business!

Is it pork butt or ribs? They are different cuts you know.

At any rate, simple googling found this recipe for pork butt. Of course you can sub bottled bbq sauce, and maybe even skip the marinade if you brine and dry rub. Injection brining seems to be a popular technique for pork butt.

The shoulder (AKA “butt”) is one of the areas that butchers use to create “Country-style Ribs”.

One of my favorite meats for the grill. I usually just hit them with a rub before grilling. I guess I’ll have to try them with sauce some time.