Pork steak with lemongrass & coconut milk

So I just got out of the hospital, and I’m dying (heh) to find a recipe for a meal I was served there. How often does that happen?! Anyways, that was the subject meal - the pork was a Salisbury steak texture, and it was described as marinated in the lemongrass, soy sauce and coconut milk, cooked medium well. Man, it was delicious! I even ordered it for lunch right before being released, just so I could share it with my husband. We’d love to prepare it at home - anyone familiar with this?

It’s most likely provided by a foodservice distributor, meaning it’s unlikely the hospital has trained chefs creating new dishes, they probably either buy it in bulk ready to reheat or it’s an off the shelf foodservice marinade they use.
I’d call and ask for the food and beverage manager or hospital dietician and explain that you’re interested in having it at home.

This sounds like it: Coconut Barbecued Ribs (I assume you can substitute a different cut of pork for the ribs.

Ooh, Nemo, that sounds perfect! Thank you!