pornographically tailored clothing

Not sure if this belongs in GQ or CS, but here goes:

In a lot of graphic art (most noticeably in manga and anime) you often see a rather remarkable piece of clothing; a buxom woman will be wearing a buttoned shirt or blouse that’s not just tight but molded to her torso, with the buttons sunk between her cleavage. IOW, it’s as if the shirt is tailored with cups for her breasts. My question is, does anyone IRL actually make such blouses?

Not sure but I saw a story online somewhere about a company that makes bras specifically for petite women with big implants. It makes sense that someone would do the same with shirts and dresses.

I don’t know about anime, but I have a teen and a pre teen daughters and am appalled at much of the clothing being marketed to them

Yes, I am a prude, but some of the ‘tiny fit’’ t-shirts are made with very thin fabric and is made to stretch over the bust yet cling to the midrif.

Don’t get me started on those skirts that are bands of fabric only 8 inches wide. When a young lady wears one you can see both crack and ass cheeks.

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Ah, I thought this was going to be about the Fuxedo.

Google “clubwear” when the rest of the family has gone to bed.

Ah, I thought there had to be a term for “dresses a call girl might wear to a private party”. Thanks.

That’s a very common style in women’s evening dresses going back decades. There’s a cylindrical area of cloth going from waist up to just under the breasts, then two cup-like cloth bags to contain the breasts which then taper & join around the neck leaving open shoulders.

Here’s a famous example from the 1950s:

You can see the same basic design at any dress shop today.

The joke goes, “what are hookers supposed to wear now that 12 year olds are wearing that…?”

That’s called a halter top - sounds much nicer than “cloth bags to contain the breasts.”

Do you mean like this? AFAIK the only way to get the placket flat against the skin between the breasts is to have some ruching or actual cups in the blouse.

Ruching is easier, these blouses were in (minor) fashion a few years ago and may still be made. If you want cups, you’ll probably have to have custom made.

If you want no ruching, seams or darts, then no- the fabrics that will do that don’t exist. Have you tried body paint?