Ladies: Dress-Worthy Bras for a Well-Endowed Woman

I found a lovely Nepalese dress today at the store, but as per usual, the back of my bra shows. This is an ongoing issue with me and dresses. I have a large bust, so strapless bras are right out. I have a spandexy body suit type deal, but it’s super uncomfortable and I can’t quite stuff my top parts in properly… it might be the wrong size.

I’m looking for a bra that’s supportive but that will not show with most cocktail dresses. I understand I might have to go custom with this. My bra size is roughly 40 E. I’ve been wearing Enel bras (big-busted sports bras) for years for everyday wear, so I’m not a fancy girl. Help a sister out.

I’m also open to general recommendations for bras that are dress-friendly for spaghetti strapped dresses and other challenging designs. I’m really just tired of this game.

Could you possibly link to the dress, or take a quick pic of the front and of the back?

And I just PMed you. :slight_smile:

Before my reduction I wore Olga bras, nice, decently classy, and as comfortable as I could expect with gigantic breasts.

My best advice is to take the dress with you and go to Nordstrom. Tell the bra fitting ladies there what you have told us and they will find you a bra that works. This is what I do. I am larger (36 E/F) and bras that have worked well for me are Chatenlle and Wacoal. I know you said strapless is out for you, but I have a quite large busted friend who swears by the Wacoal “Red carpet” strapless. I have an awesome convertible bra from Chantelle, where you can change the configuration of the straps a bunch of different ways. If a bra fits correctly, it should basically stay up and support you on it’s own with only the straps “helping”. The straps should not be doing most of the work.

Glamorise. I’ll just note that I’m about your size and I live in Glamorise bras. I usually order them from Amazon.

The idea of stopping by Nordstrom if there’s one nearby is good too. The only time I actually ever got this level of help was with my wedding dress, but they found something by golly.

I buy Cacique Bras from Lane Bryant. There are many styles to choose from.

If the back of the bra rides up, you may be buying the wrong size. Try a smaller band and larger cup.

The ladies at Nordstrom are useless in my experience. They are interested in a sale and will put you in a ill-fitting bra if they don’t have your correct size. YMMV.

I’d love to hear about what to do about spaghetti-strap dresses, too. I can’t understand why so many summery dresses must have these straps!

You know, after all my years of going to great lengths to hide a bra, now the style seems to be SHOW IT!!
Probably not helpful, but have you looked around? Seems bras on display is a thing!!

Yeah, but you have to be careful: :wink:

I don’t get dressed up for much, so I haven’t worn a dress that needed a special bra since my wedding 21 years ago. So I guess I don’t have much to say.
Out west, I go to Dillard’s for fitting. Since I inherited my German grandmother’s figure, I wear a 40I. Walcoal bras are the best fit for me. They have many styles, so I’d check them first.

Many years ago, women were wearing fitted t-shirts under sundresses. If I ever wore a sundress, I would wear a t-shirt under it. For modesty’s sake, and because there are some places I don’t want a sunburn.

I live in no-brand ah-bras. I get them on the cheap, about 5 dollars apiece. I have many in many colours, and i wear them like a supportive broadstrapped tank top under all my dresses. Visibility there is a perk, not a bug.

Ah bras like these. see how they would work under any low cut or thin strapped top or dress?

Try a fitting at Lane Bryant or Torrid. I don’t know if they have E’s in stock at stores but you can get an idea of fit and style then order online. If you have either of those stores local to you, order several and return all the ones that don’t work (which is free to do if you can drop the returns off at the store). You can also read reviews on their sites to see what others say about the style and size you are looking for.

Or just use your regular bra and, for the occasion, replace your bra staps with fancy straps, in rhinestone, ethnic beads, or faux leather.

When I Googled " fancy bra straps" I really liked the ones that had little chains hanging prettily over upper arms. So 1001 night! Also, buzzfeed has a useful listicle of 10 bra hacks.

those were $50 for 5 - where are you finding them for $5 a piece?

Thanks everyone for the great tips! Those Strappys are too cool, **Maastricht. **Unfortunately, I don’t currently have anything I could wear them with. I’ll be reviewing these other resources shortly.

As for the dress…



These pics actually make it look a lot less pretty than it is IRL, plus it looks like the back is high, but it’s really at about mid-level.

(Also, how do you like my new octopus comforter?)

Beautiful (and I like the comforter!).