Strapless bra ideas for the big busted?

I hope to God this is the last time I ever have to be a bridesmaid. I mind spending hundreds of dollars on a dress I will never wear again, but not as much as I mind that brides NEVER choose a dress that can be worn with a normal comfortable bra.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the idea that big breasts “hold up” a strapless dress and bra is a joke to me. I hate having to spend hours feeling like my dress and bra are sliding down.

Suggestions doper fashion mavens?

My well endowed (42DD) daughter needed a strapless bra for her prom dress. We found a long line strapless bra at Dillards that did the trick. Because it also encompassed her torso it provided plenty of support with the added benefit that it sucked in her tummy a little.

It wasn’t cheap ($75) but it was comfortable and after lots and lots of searching, the only thing we could find in her size.

Here’s the bra I’m talking about.

Oh wow velvet that looks great!

I feel your pain here (do I ever). It makes me glad most of my friends are men, and my only sister got married last year.

I’m laughably far from a fashion maven (in fact, I’m wearing Birkenstocks with white socks right now), but I am well-endowed. I went with a strapless longline bra under my wedding dress.

You’ll probably have to buy it one band size bigger and one cup size smaller than you normally do (or at least I did). Don’t buy one without trying it on.

There are some that don’t go down to the hips like the one in velvetjones’ link- mine only went down to the waist. This may be helpful if your waist/hip and bra sizes don’t really match all that well.

In defense of brides (since I’ve been on the other side of this, too), it’s far from easy to find a bridesmaid’s dress (or a wedding dress) that works well with a normal, comfortable bra. Heck, it’s hard to find a dress that’s not strapless or spaghetti straps. The rabbi at my wedding requested that we choose dresses that didn’t show cleavage, and that covered the shoulders (I would probably have wanted dresses like that anyway, as I’m not comfortable in more revealing ones, and neither were some of the bridesmaids). I found that those restrictions eliminated probably about 75% of dresses available from any given manufacturer. Add restrictions like “no ugly colors” and “no butt bows”, and you’re really hurting for choices…

Everytime we have a thread like this, I always suggest the same place: Lane Bryant.

They sell the ONLY strapless bra that will hold up my boobs (and, in the grand scheme of things, a 38-40 D isn’t all that big). I know they sell as small as 36 around and up to pretty big sizes in the cup. The bras are also very reasonably priced.

I don’t think I’m going to be of any help without seeing pictures of the breasts in question. Do you have any links to pictures of yourself? I could offer plenty of advise if I knew what we were talkning about here.

WAG Double stick tape?

And in that same vain- if you really wanna be crazy, you can duct tape your boobs. That stuff will hold up even the bounciest of racks.

Oooooooh, ooooh, ooooh thank you thank you thank you! And thank you, carlotta, for starting this thread! I’ve luckily never been in the position where I* had * to wear a strapless bra, but I have passed over many a darling outfit because I would have needed one to wear it properly.

I just got properly resized out here, and it turns out I am, after all, a DD. Double Damnit. I’ll dish out good money for proper support.

I concur on the waist length bra for strapless applications. I’ve never seen them not work. I loan mine out to other well-endowed friends serving in wedding parties. I say if you are B or bigger, invest in one. Do try it on first, and if you can find one, get the straped/strapless convertable, just in case.

I bought two longline strapless bras (they go all the way to the hip) in a 34D and 34DD for a friend’s wedding this past summer. I intended to try them on & return the one that wasn’t right, but never got around to it.

So, I have a totally unused (never even tried-on) 34D longline strapless bra in beige - I’d be happy to donate it to your cause if I can find it and if it’s your size!

Duct tape will take your skin right off (so I’ve been told), but I’ve had a lot of luck with first aid tape. Also those stick on bra cups. I’ve never found a strapless that has really worked for me - I either use the tape/stick on type, or buy the dress with support (not always an option when the bride picks the dress - but you may be able to talk to alterations about building in support.

I second (or is it third?) the recommendation for Lane Bryant bras. I’m a 38DDD, and I have had very good luck not only finding bras that fit, but bras that were comfortable and gave good support.

And like Dangerosa suggested, I have had good luck with the stick on bras (but not the silicone cup stick on ones…the self-adhesive fabric type). I have to do a little bit of engineering and use extra ones to get everything covered, but they do work.

As for adhesive tape, here’s a little tip: don’t tape up sensitive parts of your body until you are positive that you are not alergic to the adhesive. Let’s just say I speak from experience on that one.

I’ve used the plastic-clear-cello packing tape under a dress that would not even accommodate a strapless bra (it was backless to the waist). It peeled off my skin afterwards with little to no trouble. Be careful not to get the tape on your areola or nipple, though.

I have gone the wide cellophane tape route before, for backless things. But for the last few years on those occasions when I’ve needed one I’ve worn a Goddess long-line. It was less expensive (about $40) than my regular bras. My regular size is 32G but this one is a 34F and it’s not too loose. Also does a nice job of holding in the tummy. I have modified it, removing the top two hooks in the back and folding the sides down, to accommodate somewhat lower backs.

I’ll stand behind you and hold up your boobs.

DEFINITELY don’t put duct tape on your skin for any period of time. Medical tape maybe, but even that can be hard to get off and will leave gross black sticky bits on you. The cellophane tape won’t take your skin off, but it doesn’t stay on as well, tends to get crinkly/pointy, and will make you sweat. Overall, staying taped up for long periods of time is not a good idea.

For my brother’s wedding, I had to wear spaghetti straps. I have tried the longline bras but I can never find one that fits-- I am very short waisted with a 34DD cup. Finding regular bras is hard enough. I got a bra that had clear plastic straps, which worked but made me break out in hives. My friend is getting married next year, and the combined pressure of her bridal party has compelled her to find a dress we can all wear with our own bras. We have secured a solemn promise.

Thus I have come to the conclusion that the wedding industry is right up there with foot binding as a way to torture women.

There’s also the option of having the upper part tight enough that it holds the boobs by itself, sans need of a bra.

Another vote for the Goddess long-line here! (We call them torsolettes but i’m not sure how ‘global’ that term is)

Not only does it give great bust support, it gives a nice clean line through the torso, evening out those pesky wee bulges!

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I’m a modestly endowed woman but I’ve never been able to wear a strapless bra without need/wanting to pull it up. The suggestions in this thread have been very helpful!