PornTube? (No links, but adult discussion)

I haven’t been on it since the night before I posted that OP CISCO…but it certainly looked exactly like YouTube to me…even the logo looked the same (though with a different name).

There are several sites that are very similar though and I didn’t post the original URL I was in (and now I forget it…it wasn’t though).


Right-o, XTISME

From what I know of
1, the Internet
2, pr0n
3, humanity

I’m quite sure someone somewhere is fwapping to such a video…
So, howdo you like them apples!:smiley:

Then you weren’t at PornTube. And the attempt to load a codec was most likely nefarious.

By the way, it’s “codec” and not “codex”. Codec stands for “coder - decoder”.

A “Codex” is an ancient book.

I’m sorry…‘codex’ is a private joke. Don’t mind me.

(was wondering if anyone was going to say anything about that)


Imply. That is my only contribution to fighting ignorance here as I know nothing about porn sites. No sir, nothing at all.