Port of Subs

There is a local (Central CA, may not be just local) chain of Subway sub shop clones called “Port of Subs.” I’m having trouble figuring out what saying this might be a “clever” take-off of. I can think of “port of call” and “port authority,” but “Port of Subs” isn’t really a clever variation of those phrases. The store isn’t nautical-themed, or I’d suggest that.

Anyone else have any ideas?


Apparently the name is the result of a contest.

Yeah, I saw thatsite, but it doesn’t explain why the heck they chose the name…


Actually, I have noticed kind of a nautical theme at Port of Subs. IIRC, there is a ship logo on much of the products (cups, napkins, wrappers and such) and I vaguely remember some promotion where I saw a captain character as their spokesperson.

[IMHO] Port of Subs should not even be compared to Subway. Subway=crap Port of Subs=tastiness[/IMHO]

Can’t say I noticed the nauticality. And the subs are virtually indistinguishable from Subway’s, IMHO. Good, but more expensive. I’ll go to Subway next time.