Portable MP3/CD players.

I have been thinking about getting a new portable CD player for a while now, from what I have read, there is some out there that allow you to play MP3 files as well as regular CDs.

Does anyone have any experience using one of these devices?
What have you thought?
Are they good for the car?

Here is the one that I read about, along with a review from another site.

EasyBuy MP3 DiscMan.
Review at TechTV.
This looks like a pretty cool device. What do you guys think?


I bought a cheap little $50 mp3 player at Office Max, and I must say, it is excellent. It only holds up to 16 megabytes worth of mp3s, but you can always slip in a memory card (purchased separatly) adding another 32 megs I think. Its awesome for the car. Why? It doesn’t skip at all, and it only uses one battery. The brand is D-Link, and the model number is DMP-90. Go to Office Max and check it out.

I have seen 2 in dash CD players that will play MP3’s off of a CD. 1 is by kenwood, the other awia I believe. I dont know any more beyond that, havent had the time nor the available $$ to take a closer look

I wouldn’t suggest buying a Mp3 player. I’d suggest either an Mp3 deck or an Mp3 Discman.

Try http://www.mp3car.com and http://www.mp3kit.com they both have some very nice systems for sale.

The Kenwood is the Z909 (IIRC) but I don’t remember the Aiwa’s model number. I wouldn’t purchase one of these. Wait until the next season when prices drop and options increase.

Pat, you can mail me if you have more questions.


Homer check out the links I posted.
Its a discman that plays both regular audio CDs and CDs with MP3 files on them.

I like the idea of a portable discman rather than something I have to install in the car, so I can take it on plane trips or trips in other people’s cars.

Take a look at that product, Homer, and let me know what you think of it.


If you’ve got a CD player in the car, just get a $75 CD burner. That’s what I’ve got, and for less than a buck each I can put MP3s on disc as audio files that play on any CD player. Then I get the byte-suckers off the HD.

I have a CD burner, but using a regular CD player I could only fit one or two old time radio shows (Or newer shows made in the old time style). Using a CD player that actually reads and plays MP3 files I would be able to a listen to a large number of shows on one CD.


Dude, that looks like a good deal. I’d go for it if I were you.