Porting cell # to Google Voice

Our Verizon Wireless account has 3 #'s on it. One of them is an old number that my wife had, but no longer uses. She always uses her business cell phone.
I want to port that # to a Google Voice #, and once that is done, eliminate the old number from our VW plan. Will it work as easily as that.

Then we’ll deal with downloading the GV app to her iphone.

ps- this GV account already has a number, so it will be a change/port at the same time. Hope I worded all that so it’s understandable.

I don’t see any reason why it won’t work if you follow all the steps in order. I have always had perfect success with moving numbers to Google Voice.

What are you really trying to achieve though? Is it just to save money on your Verizon account? You may already know this but you don’t have to use the Google Voice application unless you have a special need for it. I have mine set up so that it forwards all calls to both my home and cell phone. You could just forward the calls to any of your other phone numbers unless you just want to keep them segregated for some reason.

That is correct, just trying to save some money on the Verizon account.

It’s as simple as that. I kept my old AT&T number via Google Voice when I moved to China.