Portland spurned! (Beware--scary old-style Pit thread inside!)

We are the home of the “Simpsons”, ghodamit! Every fucking name on that show is taking from Portland history, and yet we weren’t good enough to get a Kwik-E-Mart .

Aww, man. They would have made so much money on that.

I thought Portland was the home of black-tar heroin.

Portland? <<snort>>

From the movie trailer:
Ned Flanders: Look at that, you can see the four states that border Springfield: Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky!

Everyone knows Portland is in Maine, so could hardly border on Maine!

Great, now I get to feel spurned, too?


Save your anger for when they pick a Springfield different than you wanted to host the premiere. :smiley:

Actually, we just let you borrow the name until we needed it. Which reminds me-when are y’all going to get your own name so’s to end the confusion? :smiley:

hee hee…you said spurned.

Lib, my longtime friend, that may be the first time you broke me up. And forced me to Google before I made a fool of myself, though that has never been a limiting factor.

No, I lied. It wasn’t the first time you made me Google. :frowning: Just the first time I did it and proved you had successfully pulled a factoid out of your ass. :smiley:

I got lucky. I’d just seen an hour long special on runaways in Portland. :slight_smile:

Anyway, isn’t Springfield, to quote Fox Mulder, in “America’s heartland”? Since when was Oregon in America’s heartland?

(If you’re not talking about Oregon, it’s your fault for not saying which Portland!)


So which Springfield in the ‘heartland’ has an ocean port and a mountain next to it? :dubious:

If Portland is Springfield, then why doesn’t Homer trip over 150 homeless youths on his way to Moe’s?

[Nelson Muntz/]Ha-ha![/Nelson Muntz]

Sorry, but you knew somebody was going to do it.

I thought it was based on Springfield, OR, a town that was once home to a young man whose name called to mind the word “brat,” his sisters Lisa and Maggie, and his parents Homer and Marge.

There’s a kwik-e-mart near me. Anyone want me to go and get photos?

Yes! Especially if they have a Squishy Machine! (I think you should also get an all syrup squishy!) :smiley:

Actually, Groening grew up in Portland.

Look at it this way, Czarcasm: Springfield is America’s crud bucket. It’s a city of fat, stupid, greedy yokels who’ll riot for any reason they can think of, elect mayors who are either illiterate dope-smoking tax cheats or convicted felons… do you really want to be compared to that? Isn’t it good enough knowing your town inspired it?

As for me, I’ll be frequenting the Kwik-E-Mart in Times Square, nine blocks away from my office. Not rubbing it in or anything.

True, but he was born in Springfield.