Portlandia, Season Two, starts tonight!

This was the stealth hit series of last season on IFC. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein camp it up for the hipster crowd once again. Check it out.

I was into the idea when I first heard about the show, but then I read it was a “sketch show” and I was all “Awwwww…”

But then I actually watched it and it was awesome. I loved it - very excited for the new season!

I’ll be checking it out, mainly because I heard Johnny Marr (ex-Smiths, ex-Modest Mouse guitarist) will be guest starring this season. Apparently there’s a bike valet skit and his bike gets nicked.

I watched an episode on Netflix last week, and then another and the another…

It is a very funny show.

It’s hit and miss, but when it hits, it is spot-on Portland. Anyone who lives in Portland will tell you that. If I had to pick a favorite from last season, it would be angry bike messenger. Hoo boy, do I know that guy.

And I’m not biased just b/c Aimee Mann cleaned my neighbor’s house last season. :slight_smile:

According to Armisen, they’re a much larger hit in other urban areas than they are in Portland. Not that many people here have cable, being all hipster and too laid back for that sort of thing. Of course, every one of them has an iPad or Mac or an iPhone with them at all times. :rolleyes: The bicycle character appears again this season, along with the lesbian bookstore owners. My favorite is the mayor, but I can’t remember the actor’s name.

I love that in the skits about the mayor, the real mayor of Portland plays his assistant.

You don’t have to be from Portland to love the show, if I throw a dart in a Whole Foods in DC, I can hit a Portlandia character (that’s why I’m not allowed back to the store).

You’re right: even though there are some Portland inside jokes, the broader themes resonate in most urban settings

Kyle MacLachlan. I do like that at least IFC is allowing Portland Comcast customers that don’t pay for IFC (like me) to get it free On Demand.

Another thing I read is that the “Put a bird on that” people are back with a new catchphrase: "We should pickle that!"Which cracks me right up b/c I have several friends who engage very seriously in that activity.

She mentioned that in an interview. How everyplace offered her a pickle tray.

I enjoyed the adult hide and seek skit. Not sure if adults are really doing this or if it’s a poke at adults playing kickball or dodge ball.

I think it is a poke at adults playing kickball and dodge ball, and most importantly: taking it seriously.

There is a great clip from Portlandia on IFC about Battlestar Galactica

Mrs. FtG won the “Who has a relative appearing on Portlandia?” contest. I’m still hoping that I’ll finish, even if only second place. Might take more than a 2nd season. Or a 3rd or …

(My relatives are not as “colorful” as hers.)

I get it. You know. I get it.

Ouch. Bad premier.

Ya just saw season 1 on netflix, wife and I love this show. “Where all the hot girls wear glasses!”

“On the banks of the WillaMETTE?!”

I’m hoping that was intentional and entirely tongue-in-cheek. Otherwise, WTF?

I heard it as “Will-UH-met”. Grating. I was really enjoying the song up to that point.

FYI: The place the rafting scene takes place at Dabney State Park (now “recreation area”) on the Sandy River east of Portland.

From there to the Columbia, the river is quite tame and easily floated on tubes. Fairly safe … except when it isn’t. People die there from time to time. So seeing people act like idiots in water that seems safe but is surprisingly treacherous made me a little nervous.

Watched all of Season 1 this weekend, one question though…

If they Occupied Portlandia would anyone notice?

They did, and we did.

Just starting season one now. Pretty funny stuff. “This is the chicken you’ll be enjoying tonight. Here are his papers…”