Portuguese parliament passes same-sex marriage

Associated Press:

Awesome! Progress marches on.

And with no quabbling over whether it’s marriage, civil union, partnerships or whether people are tying the knot or merely braiding the ribbon…

Great news indeed.

If only my Catholic ridden country could be as enlightened to our gay citizens.

BTW we are moving towards same-sex marriage but not as quick as I think we should.

All citizens should be allowed to enjoy the right for their marriage to be officially be recognised by the State.

I wonder, would gay marriage violate that newly strengthened blasphemy law?


Please don’t mention that :wink:

My head might explode. It’s so frustrating sometimes in this country.

Olá, Portugal! Welcome to the club!

First legalising drugs, now gay marriage. Portugal seems to be a pretty cool place.

Awesome! Every little step moves us closer to the right direction.

De acordo!

For some reason I thought they already had - hmmmm. Is it just me or are countries taking up SSM as neighbours? Norway/Sweden, Belgium/Netherlands and now Spain/Portugal.

We’re all up here hoping you take the hint. Well, you or St. Pierre and Miquelon. :wink: