UK House of Commons Approves Gay Marriage

Thoughts? Considering this law only applies to England and Wales, what is happening in Scotland over the gay marriage issue, although Northern Ireland isn’t too hard to guess.

The Scottish Parliament is introducing its own bill in March, though since it has a simpler procedure by virtue of being unicameral, the Scottish bill may actually pass sooner than the English & Welsh bill passes at Westminster.

Wow: Guardian blog. So… this sounds like a done deal. Hurray! Anyone who knows British parliamentary procedure is welcome to chime in to clarify. Edit: slightly more cautious BBC link.

Speaking as a dutchman: Took 'em long enough.

Wasn’t something in the american system supposed to speak out on gay marriage one of these days? I wonder if all the stuff in new zealand, guyana (was it?), france and england will have an impact on that.

Good, it will make international moves a lot easier!

Northern Ireland will catch up sometime around the turn of the next millennium.

Followed shortly by Mississippi and Alabama.

Those who are in favor of same-sex marriage have plenty of momentum on their own; those who are opposed could not care less what other countries do.

Theoretically, some could be on the fence.

I think it was Uruguay, not Guyana. Guyana still has to tackle homosexuality being illegal.

Marriage is almost entirely defined at the state level in the US. 12 of 50 states and the District of Columbia (which isn’t a state or part of one) currently allow same-sex marriage.

There’s a US Supreme Court decision coming down the pipe that could theoretically require every state to allow same-sex marriage, but it probably won’t.

Congrats to you, sitting atop your tower of smug.

It’s the Netherlands. Everything is below sea level. It’s probably more of a hummock of smug.

I’m up there too, enjoying the view!

But then I remember how we’ve recently had a horrible increase in hostility towards and assault of gay people, and the tower deflates a little… :frowning:

Haha, yes, atop the tower, still looking up at a couple of dykes.

Hold on…:wink:


There are two court decisions expected this month. The first could (but almost surely won’t) force every state to recognize. The second would force the federal government to recognize gay marriages in states where it is legal and I think that one has some chance in the court. I expect both of them to be decided on the grounds of states’ rights. But with this court you never know.

I just read about a decision in which the second most conservative judge joined with three of the liberals on a case involving forced collection of DNA from people just arrested, not convicted or even charged. Unfortunately, one of the liberals also defected and the right of the state to do that was upheld. You never know.

It’d sure be a great tourism opportunity for Gretna Green.

Mississippi, ya gotta love 'em. First state to let married woman own property; last state to outlaw slavery. :stuck_out_tongue: