Posession is 9/10s of the law.

Where did saying originate? Anyone know? I’m pretty positive it’s not true at all, but my uncles liked to use the term to mess with me sometimes as a child when they had the remote control or something goofy like that.

Even if that baggie of cocaine isn’t yours, if it’s in your pocket I’m pretty sure YOU’RE going to get the ticket and the arrest.
Seems at least somewhat true to me.

Is it written in the law though?

I get this Possession

I get this Possession

The quote gets used (by your uncle for example) as an idea that possesion equals legal right to something. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It’s about the fact that possesion plays a large part in legal matters.

Your uncle has no idea what he’s talking about. Take back that remote control!!!

I just read something on this too. I forget the name of the case but it was in England and dealt with who had legal right to a fox - the one who had hunted it or the one who shot it? The original ruling said that physical possesion was the determining factor but on appeal consideration (and the fox) was given to the hunter. If I can find it, I’ll post the case.

SaintCad: Pierson v. Post But it’s not the source of the saying.

I read somewhere that in Haiti, possession is nine-tenths of the loa.