Posing with statues and having fun.

Some of these are pretty clever. I like the Benjamin Franklin iPhone ‘selfie’ and Spiderman getting strangled. Who would ever think cupid could be so violent? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure how the lady with the jeans and white belt staged her shot. It looks pretty convincing that her hair is being pulled.

All in good fun. No vandalism or anything.

When last in Florida, Madame Pepperwinkle took a picture of me posing with a concrete alligator. Of course I put my leg in its mouth and looked like I was in terrible anguish.

Don’t blink.

Heh, I do stuff like that all the time. My friend and I had a blast making funny poses with the statues at Downtown Disney. I also have a picture of me getting stepped on by a mammoth in Whitehorse, YK and one where I’m doing something inappropriate to a statue of the Blues Brothers in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

A friend of mine went to do that; thankfully before he got to the foot in mouth part, the muddy sunbaked alligator moved then walked away :eek:

Heh. Looking at these, I did think of the statute of (I forget who–bad Reds fan, obviously) at Great American Ballpark in Cincy–and right there it was, giving somebody the lumber to the dome. :slight_smile:

Fun! I think it’s pretty silly for the article to cover it as though it’s some hot trend sweeping the globe. People have been fucking around with statues pretty much forever.

We’ve got a couple silly pics with statues in our photo album too. Not quite as elaborate as the ones in the article.

I wouldn’t take my shirt off by a statue like that fat guy did. He did look a lot like the cherub. Sure glad he kept his pants on. Life can imitate art too closely. :wink:

Except that that statue is of Harmon Killabrew located outside of Target Field in Minneapolis.

Understandable mistake, though. I’d probably just as easily confuse a statue of John Edrich with a statue of Geoffrey Boycott.

Careful though, it can go horribly wrong. This guy was just measuring hand size when he managed to break the finger off a 600 yr old statue.

True, but there definitely some created photos in the article. Also, people have been doing that since the first statue; but how many people have you known who planned a vacation around taking silly photographs? A few years ago my wife and I decided to drive on an extended vacation to see family from both of our sides of the family trees. We drove from Atlanta to Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, and more; working out the logistics through roadsideamerica.com for every odd statue; or anything else that we could get our picture taken next two. A lot of times it would literally be pulling up next to a statue, standing the tripod/camera up, pushing the button w/ delay, jumping into the shot, and back in the car again. It gave us a lot of great memories.

Damn it, I never get to point out errors. Somebody always beats me to it. :mad:

The Yankee Candle Village in Massachusetts has a half-or-so-scale Wicked Witch whose left hand is situated so that some tall person standing in the right place would look like their head is being grabbed by her. So I stood in the right place.

Letting the pics stand alone would have been more fun for me. The captions explaining what is obviously happening in the pictures are kinda stupid. I would have liked to know more about what the statues were actually for, what they were memorializing, or what they were supposed to be depicting other than what the picture skewed it to be, like what was Franklin supposed to be doing with that hand besides holding nothing? It looks like he should be holding something there, but what? It seems like an otherwise odd gesture to memorialize forever in bronze.

The captions are not even right. “All together now: The statue’s unusual pose has inspired two women to imitate it.” That’s the dance from that Beyonce song “Single Ladies.” It’s even done the rounds on the internet with the caption “All The Single Ladies.”

There was a Weird Earl’s offering recently on the main SD page that linked to a website of people doing obscene things to statues.