Positive and Negative Energy from humans?

Do human beings give off positive and negative energy?

Short answer no if you’re speaking scientifically.

Long answer yes if you’re talking about social interaction.

How would they do it socially?

People typically have empathy which allows them to feel what other people feel. If you don’t have this, you’re probably on the autism spectrum or a sociopath.

I’m neither. Thanks for your comments.

Human beings radiate heat, roughly equivalent to the amount of heat given off by a 100 watt light bulb. The actual amount varies quite a bit, depending on things like whether you are exercising or at rest, for example.

Humans in motion tend to generate static electricity, which bleeds off into the surrounding air very quickly in humid weather but can build up a bit in very dry conditions. This is why you get shocked more in the winter (lower humidity).

This generally isn’t what people are talking about when they say things like positive and negative energy from humans, though. It’s more like Oddball saying “Always with the negative waves, Moriarty! Always with the negative waves!”

In this case, as was already mentioned, there’s nothing being radiated from the human body in a physical sense. It’s purely happening at the emotional level. In the above example, Moriarty is pessimistic about a bridge (this is from Kelly’s Heroes for those who are confused). It is his pessimism that sends out the “negative waves”. Other ways to send out negative waves are slouching, sighing, looking downcast, etc. All of these types of things tend to elicit a negative emotional response in others. On the other hand, things like smiling and being energetic and enthusiastic are said to be positive energy, since they tend to elicit excitement and positive emotional responses in others.

People who do things like sleep under pyramid shapes to rejuvenate their energy aren’t accomplishing anything useful from a physical point of view. There is no energy storage of this type in the human body and pyramids don’t do anything special with respect to any kind of physical energy. However, if the person believes that it helps them, then they may act in a more enthusiastic and emotionally positive way, which then sends out “positive energy” to others in the form of an emotional response. It’s a bit of a placebo effect, but there can be a benefit to it for some folks.

Thank you. That was great.

After my divorce 25 years ago it seemed like nobody wanted to be within 50 feet of me. I wasn’t talking about it or doing anything different than I normally do but I was obsessed with my own feelings of depression and it showed. Took a few months to get back to normal. I believe it is a look or expression we carry more than it is something we are actually giving off.

Unless you gain levels in a spellcasting class and learn spells like Inflict Light Wounds or Enervation. Then, you are producing negative energy.


Shy/reticent people often say that they find it draining to be in public, in a group, at some kind of group work or social function. Many need time alone afterwards or even just periodically to recharge.

Outgoing/Type A people will say that they get energized by being in the same situation. Interacting with people, experiencing things in a group, brings them to life and that they get depressed when alone.

Many in the middle of such a spectrum can describe how the enthusiasm of an outgoing, charismatic person is inspiring and energizing, and how a Debbie Downer type can suck energy out of a room.

Is that what you were asking about?